Burgers, Mini Pancakes, Waffles & More: Here's Why Carter Road Is A Foodie's Paradise

Bhavika posted on 14 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

As expert snackers, we scan all popular places in Mumbai with a squinted eye to look for the best things to nibble on. We have found Carter Road to be a snackers paradise with everything from momos, ice-cream rolls and waffle sandwiches to good old phuchka to snack on. Here are all the things you must check out on your travails to Carter Road.

Kepchaki Momos

While we don’t wholeheartedly disagree when people say that ‘momos in Mumbai aren’t the best’, we think Kepchaki is an exception. We love the chicken one for the non-vegetarians and the mushroom-cheese stuffing for the veggies. Share a plateful with your friends when you start your food trail.

Fast Food Restaurants

Shop 1, Sea Spray, Opp. City Bank ATM, Carter Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

Oh Fudge

Right next to Kepchaki Momos is a stall that has our heart – Oh Fudge. They have over 15 types of chocolate fudge available to have either just on their own, or as a chocolate sandwich, sundae or milkshake. We aren’t fudging around with you.

Dessert Parlours

Sea Spray General Store, Near Shree AmrutI CHS, Khar Danda, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai


An eternal classic, if you are a fan of chocolate used in everything for good measure, cross over to the other side of the road and have a taste of the brownie, some chocolate loaf bread or eclairs over at Theobroma.


Shop 11/B, Ground Floor, Gagandari Society, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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The J

The J is a potato-lovers heaven with fries, glorious fries in all shapes and sizes. Think of an unusual topping, and the J will have it. Go here for a mini date to share a cone of masala fries or a potato stick.

Fast Food Restaurants

Shop 5, Gagangiri CHS, Danada, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Mini Pancakes And More

Pancakes make the world go round. Mini pancakes, even more so. A more recently opened establishment, this place makes the best sets of miniscule pancake disks covered with the best toppings – classic nutella, banana, coolie crumble, strawberry cream cheese and more.

Dessert Parlours

Carter Road, Union Park, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai

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WOW Popcorn

As ardent admirers of this humble movie snack, we look for popcorn in the most unusual places and are thoroughly surprised when we find it. We love WOW Popcorn’s presence on this stretch of Carter Road eateries, with so many unusual flavours on hold – the lightly buttered, the caramel, the cheese, the onion cream cheese and more. Because even if no one says it, everyone is looking for popcorn.

Fast Food Restaurants

Shop B-1, Gangagiri Premisis C.H.S, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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The Belgian Waffle Co.

We do like our waffles an awful lot, as they say, and especially so at Belgian Waffle. Their waffle sandwiches, which are layers of waffles stuck together with a generous filling in the middle are the best, and we recommend the dark and white fantasy {with white chocolate in it} to you.

Dessert Parlours

Gagangiri Apartments, Near CCD, Union Park, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Oh So Stoned

Oh So Stoned recently made its way to Carter Road from Hyderabad, and brought with it amazing ice-cream. Despite our misgivings about the name, we love them for their ice-cream, shakes and big fat sundaes. They’ve even got boozy ice-cream sundaes on the menu, so that keeps us completely sorted.

P.S. You must also check out Nice Cream and Ice-Cream Factory for innovative options such as the nitrogen ice-cream or ice-cream rolls.

Dessert Parlours

10, Gagangiri Apartments, Union Park, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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    Price for two: ₹ 400

Burger Bros

Now here’s something to really fill up your stomach with. Burger Bros has big delicious burgers up for grabs, and you won’t be disappointed. Your options? A lamb kebab burger, a double cheeseburger and even one called the Carter Bro – with aloo tikki, ranch kayo and American cheddar cheese. And order a side of fries for us, will ya?

Fast Food Restaurants

Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai


If you’re in Carter Road for a run and need to hydrate, you probably may have to skip the options we just gave you. Good thing though for Joost, a juice bar with a lot of options.

Juice & Milkshake Shops

Shop 8-B, Khao Gali, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

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Don’t forget to check out Lassi Te Parronte, Dr. Bubbles and Carter Blue for more snacking options. None of the above eateries have a proper sit-down space, so in case you want a proper meal, there’s always CCD for coffee & sandwiches, Mezbaan for Lebanese food and Masala Bar for a good ol’ cocktail.