Swing By This Place For The Love Of Chai

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    So I went to chaayos with my mom and absolutely loved the place!

    The ambience is lit and calm. There are a lot of charging points available so you can work there too.

    We had the following:

    1. Mint lassi - it was little sour not recommended.
    2. Strawberry - it was fabulous and felt the actual taste of strawberry
    3. Mango:- mango and I have a special bonding and the taste was so yummy!
    4. Litchi:- the taste is good! Recommended for people who like litchi

    1. Cheese chilli toast:- the taste was soo good, please try it.
    2. Ghar ka alooo sandwich:- the best aloo sandwich I ever had, if you don't call for this whats the use.
    3. Pakoora platter:- the pakora platter was pretty good!
    A. Onion pakora - which was so yummy!
    B. Chilli pakora - it was stuff and recommend for people like me it was spicy
    C. Paneer pakora:- it was delicious as hell!

    1. Chocolate milkshake:- the chocolate milkshake was heaven and I loved it

    We also called for ilachi chai, it was so yummy please have it is a speciality of chaayos!
      Andheri West, Mumbai