A Great Place To Chill And Party With Friends In Powai!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Searching for a place to part or hangout? Your search is over, Soul Curry is located in Powai near Powai Vihar, this place looks quite small from the outside but in fact, it's quite big. It has a non Ac seating as well as an Ac seating inside. With nice and party atmosphere, this place gives you the party vibes. Had been here on a weekday in the afternoon, the best time if you want to have a nice and peaceful time. The service was pretty good.

Dishes I tried :
1) Butter chicken bao: A nice and tender bao loaded with butter chicken gravy. If you're a butter chicken fan then you've got to try this dish. An authentic butter chicken gravy, when combined with a bao, tasted lovely. An amazing combination. A must try over here.

2) Cheese chilli chicken tikka: Your normal classic chilli chicken tikka stuffed with cheese, have a cheese burst every time you break into your chicken. Everything looked pretty fancy but the problem with the Overload of cheese was that it completely overpowered the flavour of the chicken. I wasn't able to taste the flavour of the chicken. Would suggest that they reduce the portion of cheese in it.

3) Cheesy Chana Jor Garam (Veg): This would be one of their best vegetarian dishes. I really loved it. A good mixture of vegetables with the thin and crispy crust with a hint of cheese in it. So tender and juicy. Loved this dish. Would strongly recommend this dish.

1) Lasagne (Veg): I normally don't go for vegetarian lasagne but I really liked this one. Perfect layers in the lasagne, the cheese and the stuffings tasted amazing. The dish not only looked amazing but it tasted amazing too. Would recommend this dish if you're a vegetarian lover and if you like Italian cuisine.

2) Mutton Vade: I'm a big fan of Mutton when it comes to gravies. I really liked the aroma of the dish, the gravy was just amazing tasted great, the Mutton pieces were a little tough wanted it to be a little tender. The Vader's didn't really taste that great with the Mutton gravy. It tasted quite dry and tough. The dough of the Vade was quite tough and doughy, other than that the gravy in itself was very good.

1) Ras Malai: This was a mocktail that I tasted, wasn't able to get the taste of rasmalai to it. Was able to taste only milk in it.

2) Watermelon Mojito(Cocktail): A good drink to go for if you prefer cocktails instead of mocktails, a nice and strong variation of the Mojito. Would recommend it.

1) Paan Panna Cotta: A Paan flavoured dessert, looks like a small pudding but taste amazing. You get the flavour of Paan in every bite. The base is then topped with some whipped cream. This entire dish is sat upon a Paan leaf and comes in a plate. A complete package of happiness. Would definitely recommend this.
2) Baked Gulab Jamun with Rabdi: Gulab jamun ❤️ Rabdi❤️ both the items used in this dessert are my favourites, then how can I not like this dessert. The combination of both these items made the dish just irresistible. Something that you cannot afford to miss. Would definitely recommend this.

On the whole an amazing place to visit with friends or family. Searching for a place to party, this place is perfect for you. The food quality the service everything was quite good. Would definitely recommend this place and would surely be back here in the future.

Food 4.5/5
Ambiance 4/5
Service 4.5/5
Recommended 4.5/5

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