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Get Your Hands On The Coolest Cold Brews In Mumbai This Summer

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Bring out the ice! With the temperatures soaring, we’re ready to enjoy our iced lattes and AC cafes. But since we tried the cold brews last year, we’ve been in love. Plus we hear they’re healthier compared to the milky and ice-cream loaded coffees too. So here is a list of places we like to go to for our cold-brew fueled meetings and dates.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

They’re undoubtedly our favorite when it comes to cold brews. They have a light fruity variant as well as a dark nutty one for those who truly enjoy their coffees. They also have a nitro coffee which can be topped with cream.

Price: INR 150

KC Roasters

If you are on the lookout for some fresh Indian coffee, it doesn’t get better than Koinonia Coffee Roasters. They have some exotic flavour cold brews like Vietnamese Iced Coffee (made using condensed milk and cold brew), the Haitian Iced Mocha (dark chocolate and milk combined with cold brew and condensed milk) the Vietnamese Coconut Iced Coffee! We love their Nitro cold brew, too! We also spotted a lot of vegan variants. 

Price: INR 240 onwards 

The Pantry

If you’re in the mood for a quick breakfast meeting or a leisurely cuppa Joe before work, walk into this gorgeous restaurant in Fort and get your hands on some smooth, nutty cold brew. There is a subtle sweetness to the cold brew that we like, so you can totally do away with the sugar too. It's called the Cold Brew Shakerato.

Price: INR 175

Kale & Kaffe

This health café serves some mean, dark, nutty cold brews that will satisfy only a true coffee lover’s soul. They serve a basic, iced cold brew latte which we recommend as a great choice to sip with breakfast.

Price: INR 180

Kitchen Garden By Suzette

We totally recommend this for a healthy date over the weekend! They do not have too any options though when it comes to cold brews, but the one they serve is a dark, nutty one that we’re sure all coffee lovers would enjoy.

Price: INR 140

Jamjar Diner

This is another one of our favourite places (we’re HUGE fans of the déco, food, and everything!) They serve a pretty neat cold brew too, with 3 options – basic cold brew, cold brew tonic and Vietnamese cold coffee.

Price: INR 190

1BHK, Oshiwara

This low-key place that's a celeb favourite has quite a few cold brew variants. They've got the basic cold brew and the Nitro, and a basic Pour-Over that makes sure you have no-acidity wali coffee.

Price: INR 175