Hidden Gem Alert: Get Customised Upholstery At This Bandra Shop


    What Makes it Awesome

    Freida Kahlo cushions, anyone? There's a hidden gem in Bandra, (near Janata Bar, to be precise), that sells super quirky and colorful cushions. Some with floral patterns, some with cool quotes in English and Hindi, and some with very unique graphics/faces. here's what makes it truly awesome. 

    It’s hard to miss the bright colours of the shop’s cushions and curtains. The front of the shop has a  man sewing away busily on his sewing machine as a permanent feature. Pawar Furniture sells curtains, roman blinds and cushions (both round and square). Though mostly taking orders on a bulk basis for shoots, designers and restaurants, the shop also had ready-made floor cushions, lampshades, bed covers and more. Most of the prints are printed in Jaipur, and the patchwork on most of the fabrics is done mainly in cotton or if requested, in other fabrics as well, like jute or leather. The material is also easily washable, especially the covers on the cushions.

    Our home needs a makeover, and we’re heading to Altaf to help us do that. The cushion covers are available for INR 200 upwards in the shop itself, and so are a few beautiful curtains  (INR 600 upwards) in funky prints, and monochrome colours. We loved the witty one-liner cushion covers, such as the one saying ‘Trust me you can dance – Vodka’, or the one with tiny elephants, and even the one with different types of telephones. Our favorite — a beautiful mirror frame, with gorgeous white floral designs hanging at the back of the shop.


    If there’s a specific print you fancy and want more of them, their minimum order for printing would be for at least 50 pieces.