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Covid Meals For Mumbai: These Home-Chefs Are Making Healthy Food Accessible

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It's a tough time for us all, but in the last month, we've seen people looking out for each other- making oxygen cylinders, medicines, and plasma accessible. And it is almost emotional to watch the power of unity unfold so beautifully. Another great example of unity is seen in the way home chefs and food delivery services are coming forward to make #covidmealsforindia, and delivering it either at a very nominal cost or for free.

With scores of patients isolating at home with their families (or alone), it becomes difficult to get all essentials delivered. More so when their homes are sealed. But we bring to you a list of trustworthy delivery services and home chefs in Mumbai, who are making super healthy meals for Covid-19 patients and their families. They take health requirements into account before curating the meals, and deliver tasty food at your doorstep. So if you're under home isolation or treatment, bookmarking them will only do you good! 

Vamas Kitchen

Based out of Vile Parle, but delivering all over the city is Vamas Kitchen. Their healthy and humble Covid Meals are completely vegetarian (along with Jain options) and include five rotis, a seasonal sabzi, dal, and rice. They do not use rich masalas or spices to make these meals so be rest assured that you're biting into healthy territory. 

Shell Out: INR 140 per meal (lunch and dinner) 

Delivery Areas: All across Mumbai (delivery charges on actuals) 

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 2PM 

Sreesha Bakes

Sreesha Bakes

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Essentially a home-baker, Sreesha is now catering to Covid-19 patients, their families, and even frontline workers in the healthcare sector, who need to have nutritious meals during these tough times. Lunch includes basics like a seasonal sabzi, dal, rotis, rice, and salad. Dinner two tawa paranthas, a sabzi, and soup. 

Shell Out: INR 140 per meal (lunch and dinner) 

Delivery Areas: All across Mumbai (free deliveries in Lokhandwala, Veera Desai Road, Four Bungalows and Seven Bungalows) 

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 3PM 

Mom & Co

This one's a daily tiffin service that's currently delivering Covid Meals comprising lunch and dinner,  all over Navi Mumbai. The best part? These good Samaritans are offering free meals to patients, and even non-patients who are financially affected at the moment. The meals comprise of rotis, rice, dal and sabzi. You can get in touch with them to volunteer, donate money for free meals, or donate raw materials and ingredients. 

Shell Out: INR 0 (Only for patients or people genuinely in need); INR 150 onward for their normal tiffin. 

Delivery Areas: Between Koparkhairane and CBD Belapur (Navi Mumbai)

Delivery Timings: Vary as per the meal. But roughly between 11AM to 5PM. 

Kafrisa Food Co

Originally a gourmet catering service, Kafrisa Food Co is now making healthy and tasty meals for Covid-19 patients and their families. Here's what you get: rotis, sabzi, dal, rice, salad, soup and fruits- wholesome and balanced. All meals are fresh, and made as per order, and with total hygiene. They deliver all their meals at homes, hospitals, and even quarantine centres. 

Shell Out: INR 175 per meal (lunch and dinner) 

Delivery Areas: All across Mumbai (there is no delivery charge) 

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 4PM 

Tadka Ghar Ka

Their pure-vegetarian meals keep changing everyday as per the availability of raw ingredients in the market, and they experiment with their dals and sabzis so as to make Covid patients feel special. For lunch and dinner, you'll get a sabzi, dal, rice, rotis, salad, papad, pickle and even some refreshments (mukhwaas). 

Shell Out: INR 140 per meal (lunch and dinner) 

Delivery Areas: Goregaon, Malad, Kandivali, Borivali

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 5PM 


Shilpa from Love4Palate makes nutritious and tasty combo meals for Covid-infected patients and families. The economy meal has a sabzi, two rotis or rice, and salad. A simplified meal has one sabzi, 2 rotis or rice, dal and salad. A delight meal has one sabzi, 3 chapatis, dal, rice and salad, and the supreme meal has a dry sabzi, a gravy sabzi, 3 rotis, dal, rice and salad. Love4Palate is taking special care of a patient's dietary needs too. 

Shell Out: INR 120 onward for meals 

Delivery Areas: Across Mumbai

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 4PM 

The Home Pantry

Now getting infected with Covid-19 and spending 14 days in isolation is challenging at best (speaking from experience). For when sushis are your weakness, but you also want something home-made and healthy (can't risk it when it comes to the latter) then trust The Home Pantry with it's Sushi Cakes, Khow Sueys, Tempura sushis, and more. 

Shell Out: 250 onward (prices can be reduced if the economical condition of the patient or it's family isn't strong enough) 

Delivery Areas: Sion, Dadar & Matunga (delivery charge is as per actuals) 

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 5PM 

Swaad By Aarti

Home chef Aarti Mehta makes healthy meal plates, meal boxes and also has an a la carte menu for you to order from. There's rotis/paranthas, dal/kadhi, a sabzi, rice, and salad. The meals are open to customizations and Jain options are available too. If you want to donate meal plates to Covid-19 patients, frontline workers, and their families, you can contact Aarti. 

Shell Out: INR 150 onward (Lunch and dinner) 

Delivery Areas: All across Mumbai

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 4PM 

Pataaka On Your Plate

Pataaka On Your Plate is curating food care packages for frontline workers and everyone quarantined at home. They provide a simple and balanced meal of sabzi, rotis, rice, and dal. All meals are made fresh, without any rich spices. In case you have any dietary restrictions, they will keep that in mind too. 

Shell Out: INR 150 per meal 

Delivery Areas: All over Thane (no delivery charge); all across Mumbai (delivery charge on actuals) 

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 1PM 

Tasty Affair

Fatema Mohammed from Tasty Affair is providing home-cooked meals at very nominal pricing for Covid patients and their families. You can get a Dal Khichdi at INR 70, mix veggies with four chapatis at INR 80, chicken pulav and salad for just INR 100, or an immunity soup for only INR 70. Best part? There are no delivery charges. 

Shell Out: INR 70 onward (Covid special food and prices mentioned above) 

Delivery Areas: All over South Mumbai (no delivery cost)

Delivery Timings: 11AM to 2PM 


Don't forget to pre-order your meals please, since every home chef or delivery service is making it a point to prepare fresh meals as per your dietary requirements. Also, keep an eye on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. For the former, use the hashtag- #covidmealsforindia, to get to know about other people who are offering meals to Covid-19 patients or the frontline workers all over the country. This is a landmark movement, let's all be there for each other and help in every way that we can.