Did You Know You Can Get Personalised Fortune Cookies In Mumbai?

What Makes It Awesome

Eating at an authentic Chinese restaurant always ends on a sweet note with Fortune Cookies! It really is fun to have a cryptic, low-key serendipitous message inside the fortune cookie, and it's an adorable addition to the dining experience, isn't it? If you're in the mood to organize a dining experience, we're here to tell you about a brand that'll help you add the magic of Fortune Cookies to it!

They've got a to-the-point website that clearly outlines the company's offerings, where they're available for purchase, and how many pieces you can buy, at what price. A larger order obviously gives you better pricing options. 

For Fortune Cookies with random messages:

50-100 cookies will cost you INR 24 each, while a much larger order of 1000-5000 cookies will cost you INR 9.70 each.
An order that lies in the middle, quantity wise, will be priced accordingly.

For personalised messages (how awesome is this?):

50-100 cookies will cost you INR 30, and 1000-5000 cookies will cost you INR 12 each.

Note that if you need the cookies to be vegetarian (AKA eggless), the pricing differs, and the minimum quantity for your order is 300 pieces.

For random and personalized messages, both:

300 cookies will cost you INR 30 each, and 5,000 cookies will cost you INR 14 each.

Their office is at Marine Lines, and you can choose to have your cookies delivered, or picked up before that next shindig you're throwing!