8 Decorative Mirrors For Compact 1BHK Homes!

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From cane to rattan and from sleek modern finish LED light-inspired to the trending #EvilEye - mirrors are no more just pieces of accessories that we used to see them as! Increasingly, decor e-stores and stores are making way for decorative mirrors that first serve as a statement interior piece and then the functionality purpose.

Cotton Beauties For Minimal Boho Homes

Handmade Knitted Decorative Wall Mirror - Off White - Set of 3

Handmade Knitted Decorative Wall Mirror - Off White - Set of 3


If your abode is all-white/light-hued, this set of three decorative mirrors is a great way to add a sense of illusion and spruce up your empty walls. This set also is an effortless way to infuse the #BohoTrend into your space! Placing it on the entryway or hallway helps as it will grab the attention of your guests too!   

Ideal For: Entryway & living room!

PS: These also make a great housewarming gift!   

Dimension: 10, 12, 14 inches 

LED-Inspired Mirror For Ultra-Modern Homes

Modern Designed LED Curved Bathroom Mirror

Modern Designed LED Curved Bathroom Mirror

While these have been manufactured mainly for bathrooms, but there's no harm in using them in your bedroom or even doubling up as vanity mirrors. Not only this creates a sense of illusion but also reflects light back into your room! The LED light is sure to enhance your makeup or grooming session with enhance focus and light.   

Ideal For: Bedroom & Bathroom 

PS: This one's equipped with a smart touch switch that gives a chic modern vibe! 

Dimension: 15 x 22 inch    

A Fun Catto Mirror For Your Cosy Corner

Bunny Ear Macramé Mirror -16 Inches

Bunny Ear Macramé Mirror -16 Inches


Another great way to infuse a fun boho vibe into your room is this macrame mirror that can be hung over any hook in your room. No drilling or fixing required! This one's also a super functional + thoughtful gift for an ailurophile in your life!

Ideal For: Bedroom.

Dimension: 16 inches  

Evil Eye Themed Mirror

Brass Beautiful Eye Shaped Wall Mirror

Brass Beautiful Eye Shaped Wall Mirror

An iron + gold finish mirror, this evil eye-inspired mirror is a statement piece that is sure to grab eyeballs and become a focal point in your living room. As it's a gold finish, to make the most of this decor accent, make sure you're putting it up across a dark background like maroon, deep blue, royal green etc.      

Ideal For: Living room, entryway & bedroom.

PS: this product has got an Amazon review of 4.6 out of 5!  

Dimension: 42 x 2 x 34 cm 

Pretty Pastel

Wood Hand Crafted Round Shape Vanity Wall Mirror

Wood Hand Crafted Round Shape Vanity Wall Mirror

When it comes to pastels, you can barely go wrong. This wooden mirror to is another pick from Amazon that comes at a great price point of approximately INR 900. Traditional wood carving and Pinteresty pastel hue, this mirror adds a sense of sophistication in your space!  

Ideal For: Bathroom & Living Room

PS: these are available in other shades as well including light blue, red, grey and more.

Dimension: 14 X 14 inches   

Rattan + Cane Magic

Bunny Face Rattan Cane Wall Mirror

Bunny Face Rattan Cane Wall Mirror


Gram-worthy and rustic charm, this adorable naturally-made mirror is a great way to add a sustainable switch to your home! Handcrafted using cane and rattan, stay on trend by bringing home this statement mirror accent.

Ideal For: Indoor garden area or balcony & bedroom

PS: To bring out the beauty of this mirror, try and place it near your leafy buddies or some tropical background. 

Tip:  If possible, place this mirror in front of a window, so it reflects the outside & makes your home look bigger

Dimension: 51 X 25 cm    

Royal Magic!

Laurel Mirror

Laurel Mirror


An iron finish circular decorative mirror, this artsy piece is a great way of adding a royal touch to your space. To enhance your home looks, make sure you're hanging it against a darker background. 

Ideal For: Entryway & Living room.

Dimension: 72 x 72 cms 


Contemporary + Natural Twist

Brown Mango Wood Boca Mirror

Brown Mango Wood Boca Mirror

A stunning contemporary piece made of hand-crafted mango wood and rattan cane, this mirror is natural decor at its best. It's called the Boca mirror and has been handcrafted to make your space more inviting and welcoming. 

Ideal For: Living room

Tip: Avoid using any abrasive cleaning products for this mirror.   

Dimension: 34 X 1.5 inches.