Visit East Indian Homes In Bandra And Eat Their Delicious Food On This Walk


Try something new – a walk held in Bandra lets you into the lives and kitchen of East Indians living in Ranwar Village every fortnight. Let’s check it out.

Bandra Chaloge?

Living in Mumbai, you’ve probably eaten it all – the south indian food at Matunga, been on a kebab food walk and gorged on the cheap eats at food trucks.

There is a huge community of East Indians in Mumbai, in the Girgaon area as we explored in Khotachiwadi and also in pockets of Bandra. Wandering Foodie in association with Asian Paints hosts a walk exploring this very culture and heritage in Bandra. It is a three-hour long walk, which begins at the Asian Paints store, and moves on with a stroll along Bandra reclamation, Bazaar Road and little bylanes of the area, where the talk of the hour would be of the history and culture surrounding the place. Also, a great place for photo ops, we think.

Your host would be long-time resident of Bandra, Lawrence D’Souza, who has grown up on Bazaar lane and is an East Indian himself.

What About The Food?

Foodie, you needn’t act civilised any longer when part two of the walk begins. This is where we visit around five to six actual homes of East Indians living in Ranwar Village, where they open their kitchen to all and set up temporary outside their doors in the evening.

The food these homes serve is very close to Goan food {although not seafood}, and has a heavy Portuguese influence in it. You will get a taste of real homegrown dishes such as pork sorpotel, vindaloo, potato chops, fugias. Chicken puff, cutlets and east Indian pickles too.

#LBBTip: Vegetarians, the food is mostly for the meat-eaters, but if you are interested in the walk, just inform the Wandering Foodie in advance and they will arrange for other vegetarian food for you.

Anything Else?

Each of these family-run, home-set eateries have a bit of doodle on the walls sponsored by Asian Paints, and these are just aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but furthermore tell us the story of each family or the place they belong to.

So, We’re Saying…

This is a lovely chance to do something in Bandra other than hop from one club to another. Food with a dollop of culture and a slice of history is as filling as it gets, amigos.

Book your spot on a walk here.