'Tis The Season: Farms In Maharashtra You Can Order Mangoes From


    It’s that time of the year when mangoes appear in the market, and happy customers like us will even stand in a queue to bring them home. While some may get it from their local fruit seller, others want the top quality – particularly the world-famous Alphonso Mango-and opt for specialized sellers that come every year to Mumbai directly from the farm to sell their wares. Here’s a list of six such places.

    Ratnagiri Mangoes

    This online portal helps you purchase the world-famous Alphonso Mangoes from Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri district online. The portal also has a number of coupon codes that you can avail, depending on the festival. 

    Cost of Mangoes: Starts at INR 999 for one dozen of small-sized Alphonsoes. 

    Farms To Your Table

    As the name suggests, this brand has it's own farm in Devgad, and practices organic farming. The aim is to provide mangoes from farm to your plate. All of their produce is pesticide and chemical-free, and is grown by the local farming community of the farmers in Devgad. So your purchase also benefits them. 

    Cost of Mangoes: INR 800 onward for 1 dozen. 


    Offered by Bangsons, a mango-selling firm that sells Alphonso mangoes online, the concept of Mangopeti, the owners say, germinated when the customers asked for the same great quality of Alphonso mangoes offered under the brand but without the gift-packing. Their mangoes come straight from Devgad and Ratnagiri. 

    Cost of Mangoes: INR 3,300 onward for one crate of 48 mangoes.


    With the aim to bridge the gap between the farmers & end customers and thereby creating wealth in villages, Kulbawadi specializes in homegrown mangoes that they claim are 100% organic.

    Cost of Mangoes: INR 1,000 for a dozen mangoes, and INR 689 for six pieces. 

    Mangoes Mumbai

    Mangoes Mumbai

    Available Online

    Mangoes Mumbai claims their mangoes are chemical-free and handpicked from reliable farms in Devgad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg. More importantly, the mangoes are delivered home in a semi-ripened condition, which means that there is no artificial ripening.

    Cost of Mangoes: INR 1,549 for a dozen

    Anish Farms

    Anish Farms has been in the picture since the 1950s, and was one of the first and the very few farms to convert into an organic label. Its located in Ratnagiri and in case you need their sweetest mangoes, you don't need to drive all the way. They will gladly deliver at your doorstep, to satiate your craving for the fruit. 

    Cost of Mangoes: INR 1,150 for a dozen, but you may call them to negotiate.