It’s Mango Season! Here Are 9 Places To Order Mangoes Online This Summer

Summer's up and the mangoes are here! It's only on rare occasions that the people of Mumbai like one fruit together, and other than boring bananas all year round, we crave for stacks of mangoes on the street. The smell of hay, the feel of a warm mango in hand and your parents packing a Peti in your car, the excitement is at an all-time high! 

But with a complete lockdown and scarcity of even essentials, eating mangoes seem like a distant dream. Fret not! Here are some sites which deliver the precious fruit to your doorstep. Stay in and order mangoes online to pass your quarantine. 


Kubalwadi prides itself on the real taste of Alphonso mangoes. It also aids bridging the gap between farmers and customers by connecting the supply chain. They source their mangoes from the Konkan region and do not use any pesticides or chemicals: its all organic. 

Price: INR 1000 onwards (1 dozen)

Contact: 9920465252/9137791800

Apna Mango

Apna mango sources delicious, juicy mangoes from Devgad and Konkan regions. They also showcase the entire process of farming and curating the best pieces from their harvest on their website. They have a variety of mangoes, all organically grown 

Price: INR 700 onwards (1 dozen)

Contact: 917709731981 

Mangoes Mumbai

Mangoes Mumbai sources the best Alphonso picks all the way from Devgad, Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg. These mangoes are 100% natural and given in a semi ripened condition so they reach you with a buffer for consumption. The stock is changed every alternate day so you get the freshest of the fresh. 

Price: INR 990 onwards (1 dozen)

Contact: 9022157364

P.L. Khaire Mangoes

In case you’re ordering in bulk, P.L. Khaire’s mangoes will be the best option. They deliver over 50 crates in a smooth manner, all good quality and trusted delivery as well. You can buy by Peti (crates), instead of 1 or 1.5 dozens and they’ll deliver it fresh to your doorstep

Price: Depends on order

Contact: 9604068068

Mango Bazaar

If you’re looking for other options such as the Lalbagh variant, or Amrut Payari, Kesari mangoes or Dasheri mangoes, Langra mangoes and the Neelam variety, Mango Bazaar is the way to go. They have other Maharashtrian products like pickles, chutneys, spices, flours, syrups, papads, murabbas and jams as well. 

Price: INR 100 onwards (depends on the variant and number of pieces)

Contact: 9011073741/ 8412037393

Twelve 10

Twelve 10, which is a group of companies owning farms, is now delivering delicious boxes of Alphonso mangoes in Mumbai. They come straight from a 125-acre farm in Bankot, Ratnagiri. What's awesome is that they don't use any kind of ripening agent, and truly rely on and use the heat from the grass in the box to get to the juicy ripe mangoes they deserve to be. They also abstain from using any kids of seed enlargers or chemicals to make their mangoes look bigger. And if you're concerned about hygiene, sit back and relax. The box is sanitized using vegetable sanitizer, and the mangoes are safe to eat!

Price: INR 800 for one dozen box & INR 1500 for two dozen box.

Contact: +91 8586 949500.

Alphonso Mango sources the best picks from Devgad and Ratnagiri. They also have some great Kesar Mangoes and are up for delivery. You can choose the size of your mangoes and get your dozen accordingly.

Price: INR 600 – INR 2450 per dozen

Contact: 8369048029


Hafoos grows mangoes without any preservatives or harmful ingredients and delivers the freshest picks from the produce. They aim to bring the original Ratnagiri mangoes directly from their farms to your doorsteps. They are accepting bulk orders of different variants

Price: INR 450 onwards per dozen

Contact: 9820501431


Aamrai has a reputation of serving organic mangoes for over 6 years. They have various international certifications and use modern farming techniques to retain the nutrients in the fruit. Their premium quality mangoes are known for their creaminess, texture and authentic taste. You can also gift a peti to your loved ones with their gifting service.

Price: INR 650 onwards

Contact: 91679999411/13

Special Mention

The Agricultural Department of Maharashtra has also arranged a wholesale supply of mangoes from farms to kitchen in order to support local farmers during this tough time. If your housing society or business requires large orders, you could contact them at 9146187201/ 8830781548 (Aatma Krishi Vibhag) or 9405837380/ 8329116226 (Krishi Adhikari Ratnagiri) or 8275269546 (Krishi Sahayak Ratnagiri). These will be supplied at INR 350 per dozen including transport charges. 

Pro Tip

You could also place your order on Big Basket or Nature’s Basket. Have a good Summer!