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8 Gifting Products Ankita Bansal Recommends You Cart This Festive Season!


    Many of us have watched the hit reality series on Netflix - Indian Matchmaking, and everyone's definitely heard of Ankita Bansal from the show! There's a lot that many of us still don't know about this rising star, but we're here to spill the beans (in a way!) and also share some of her favourite gifting options for the festive season! Before we jump straight in, we had to let you know - both Ankita and her sister, Gayatri, run a successful denim brand called THERE! (cheggit out!) which has an edgy sense of style that reflects who they are as individuals. Now, let's get straight to this gifting guide she recommends and let us tell you, we're already 'adding to cart' some of our favourites from here!

    With inputs from Ankita Bansal, Co-Founder Of THERE

    Traditional Treatment Soap Box From Kama Ayurveda

    3 Traditional Treatment Soap Box

    When it comes to luxury (and zen) beauty products, Kama Ayurveda is the first name that pops up! And this gift box of natural cleaning soaps makes a perfect gift for your loved ones. Just the packaging is so colourful, even if one won't end up using these soaps, they will definitely add so much character to your collection of hand soaps (I say this with such surety cause I am a hoarder of beautiful looking soaps).

    Price: INR 1,750

    Lavender Handcrafted Dupatta From Farida Gupta

    Gulnaz Yasmina Dupatta

    There is a lot of beauty in all things simple and minimal. And this dupatta from Farida Gupta proves just that. One look at it and I fell in love with the delicate work and the soothing lavender hue, making it a perfect, within my budding entrepreneur budget, gift for my mum.

    Price: INR 1,450

    Funky Denim Accessories From THERE!

    Multi Purpose Denim Bag

    You cannot expect me to not ask you to go check out the newly launched accessories at THERE! For those who are crazy denim lovers, this collection is for you, folks! Get your hands on some chic denim scrunchies, funky belts (OMG, this is perfect to pair with your black dress) and multi-purpose denim bags. 

    I know, I know this is shameless marketing of our own brand but now that I've already been called out for marketing the brand in Indian Matchmaking might as well live up to the reputation! (Haha) 

    Price: INR 400 and upwards.  

    Psst: Did you click on the link already?

    White Cedar Gift Box From Mai-T

    White Cedar Gift Box

    Every circle has a friend who's crazy about chai! Here's a chic way to level up their tea game. Say hello to this assorted gift box from Mai-T. Their wonderful blend of four types of green teas (rose mint, Kashmiri kawa, Jasmine blossom and Cinnamon spice) is complete in itself for your fitness conscious friends and family. It’s also perfect little something to help them with their guilt when they cheat this festive season! Smart no?

    Also, can we just appreciate the packaging!

    Price: INR 1,600

    Madagascar Themed Kulhar Set From Nicobar

    Madagascar Kulhar (Set of 4)

    Nicobar is an all-time favourite for everyone around me. This Khullar set is such a perfect blend of traditional with modern (which BTW Sima aunty didn't agree can exist together). It's colourful and definitely takes you on a mini-mental vacation as you sip your morning tea from it!

    How can you hold yourself back from gifting it to someone you love?

    Price: INR 1,500

    Aqua Hued Glass Votive From Good Earth

    Blue Mist Votive

    Good Earth is one of those brands that makes you want to buy everything from them. This gorgeous set of glass candle holders are the perfect gift for someone who's a home junkie! Oh and personally, I have absolutely fallen in love with that exquisite colour! 

    Price: INR 1,800  

    Gold Ganesha Cuff From Dhora

    Ganesha Cuffs

    Diwali equals Gold. This Ganesh bracelet from Dhora is an absolute stunner just all by itself as a gift for your little sister. I mean I know I am getting this for mine. (It's ultimately going to come to me cause she isn't much of a gold fan but 'It's the thought that counts', no?) Jokes apart! This piece of accessory is perfect for those who love all things dainty and minimal, are not a fan of chunky jewellery. 

    Price: INR 1,900

    Facial Care Gift Box From Forest Essentials

    If there is one thing I've noticed people becoming extremely disciplined about is their skincare. So, there cannot be a better present than this one for your friend who video calls as she does her nighttime skincare routine. This pretty looking box includes four items: rose lip balm, facial cleanser, sunscreen lotion and facial scrub. 

    Price: INR 1,625.