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French fries for President! We love the long pieces of fried potato, sprinkled with salt and served with ketchup (or mustard). Sometimes we even like to indulge in a cheesy dip as a side order! If you love fries as much as we do, we recommend you check out these cafes and restaurants in Mumbai that serve some of the best French fries in town! 

The J

We had to start the list with this one. For those who love fries, know that no list of French fries is complete without a mention of The J. Heaps of French fries served with a variety of sauces make this one a favourite amongst many in the city. We recommend the Pizza Fries for the vegetarians, while the non-vegetarians must try the Shredded Chicken Fries. For those who love the combination of cheese and fries, do try their cheese flavours fries or mac n cheese fries. 

#LBBTip- they even have a menu for Jain options for French Fries! 

UFO Fries & Corn

Another popular and go-to joint for crispy French fries. You should definitely check this place out if you’re looking to munch on fries with unique flavours and ingredients. They serve over 25 varieties of French fries, so pick your favourite one! We personally love the Maggi Fries, a lovely combination made using our 2 favourite comfort foods- Maggi and fries!  Apart from fries, they also serves some cool twisters as well. So, do leave some space for those. 

Jimis Burger

Our favourite burger place also serves up some mean fries! We always make sure our burgers are accompanied with a generous portion of crispy fries. Their cheese French fries are quite a hit, and if you are a meat lover, we recommend you try their bacon cheese fries! 

Café Zoe

This beautiful café serving authentic European cuisine also some great French fries! They serve only one variety- the classic salted French Fries. They’d come in smaller portion and a larger one. Considering this one’s a chic, fancy place, the prices to are slightly on a higher end. But the fries are so good, you’ll come back for more.

Doolally Taproom

If you’ve ever been to Doolally, you can’t help but notice that most of the tables for sure have one plate of their classic House Fries. And a pint of beer served with a side of fries, it really cannot get better than this! And these fries come with four different dips including cheese, mayo, salsa etc.  

145 Café

A plate of their Animal Fries is every fries lovers dream. Cheesy and uber delicious, a plate of their French fries is comfort food goals, and paired with a glass of wine makes for the ultimate combination.  

What The Fries

Apart from their catchy café name, we love their crispy and salty fries, which makes their classic fries the best. Well, if you’re looking for something spicy, go for their chilli cheese, Lebanese fries or BBQ fries. They have a lot more on offer other than fries including Maggi, fire pani-puri shots, nachos, pizza and a couple of coolers and ice tea.