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Photos, Mirrors, Or A F.R.I.E.N.D.S Homage: These Cute Frames Work For Anything

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What Makes It Awesome?

We found Anjum Wood Carving in Bandra and it has the most colourful frames that will make our home beautiful!

Always expect the unexpected while walking down the streets of Bandra. We stumbled upon Anjum Wood Carving while walking past a long array of stores near Bandra Masjid. The gorgeous, colourful frames instantly caught our attention. Naturally, we went exploring only to realise that there’s a lot more here than just frames.

They make all kinds of furniture and you can customise it to your needs (think sofas, storage boxes, side tables). We particularly loved the frames for their intricate, beautiful artwork and vibrant colours. They're priced at INR 300 upwards, while the regular ones are for INR 250 upwards, and the price differs as per the size you choose. You could even get a mirror fixed in the frames. The best bit? Have a chat with the owner, describe your home and your space, and he'll help with suggestions on what might look best. 


The lane near Bandra Masjid is full of stores, and if you also want to know about the awesome cane lamps we found there, go here.