Ice Curl Or Solve A Mystery: Gaming Activities You Must Try In The City

    If your daily routine involves spending some time in the field playing cricket or kicking some ass on your PlayStation, we assume you give your all when put in a competitive space. So if you’re looking to break the monotony, try your hands at one of these gaming activities in Mumbai. And what better than teaming up with your gang to take on the world.

    Get your competitive shoes on, because none of this is going to be a child’s play.

    Mystery Rooms

    Mystery Rooms

    Andheri West, Mumbai

    Imagine being locked inside a room with your gang to absorb, understand and decode tons of cryptic clues all around, all within one hour. These rooms are themed on different life-threatening situations that range from easy to high difficulty levels. Like one of the rooms, with difficulty level somewhat hard, is called Abduction – The Final Hour, and is about an eminent personality that has been kidnapped and the president is being threatened. Now the ultimate responsibility lies in your hands before something grave happens.

    The other themes include Lockout (A Prison Break Challenge), Cabin In The Woods ( A Murder Mystery), The Silent Legacy, A Night In Bhangarh (The Mystery Of A Cursed Fort), A Kon of Kohinoor (A Mission Impossible).

    Price: INR 600 onwards (per person, if it's more than 5 players, INR 800 for 2 players)

    Walk The Plank at Smaaash


    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Do heights thrill you? Then Walk The Plank is for you. Walk on an imaginary narrow plank, while combating monsters on your way and reach your destination. If you lose your balance, be prepped for a dizzying 50 feet fall. And while you’re here, you can also try to Laser Blast, Twilight Bowling, Cricket, Camel Racing, Finger Coaster, XD Theater and many more indoor fun things.

    Price: INR 219 plus taxes (Weekdays); INR 299 plus taxes (Weekends)

    Bowling at Amoeba

    A 16-lane bowling alley along with a sports bar and restaurant, Amoeba in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla is a great place for a fun outing with friends and family. What makes it even better is that they have dedicated gutter gullies for the kids for them to fool around.

    Price: INR 320 onwards (weekdays); INR 380 (weekends)

    For more bowling places, click here.

    Paintball at Hakone

    Ever pretended to divide your squad into armies and fight each other with toy guns? Well, come to Hakone to do exactly that except the bullets are (somewhat) real with colours inside. The intention is clear – to wipe out the enemies. But what makes it more fun is the real combat setting with defence walls and barricades. While at Hakone, you can also try your hand at other games that they offer.

    Price: INR 325 (25 paintballs), INR 510 (50 paintballs), INR 770 (100 paintballs).

    For more info on Hakone, click here.

    LaserBlast at What The Fun

    What The Fun

    Ghatkopar West, Mumbai

    Picture a futuristic arena with dense fog, glowing pillars, maze-like confusing ways, lasers, robes, and soundtracks. Sounds like a scene out of Star Wars, right? Located on the third floor of the R-City Mall, LaserBlast - which is also Mumbai's only laser tag arena - is all about two teams trying to oust each other by ‘tagging’ the opponents to take over the base.

    Price: INR 330 per head (15-minutes session)

    Ice Curling at The Game

    A popular Olympics sports - Ice Curling - which is played on a sheet of ice, officially makes its entry in India after introduced by The Game in Worli. The sport essentially includes sliding a stone towards the target area. To make the game more exciting, they have a dynamic display of lights while you indulge in the game. 

    Read more about fun activities at The Game here.

    Price: INR 300 per head