Keep It LIT: 10 Gorgeous Garden Lighting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Backyard

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I recently visited Gallops, a charming fine diner in Mumbai with an al-fresco seating arrangement in the garden. While dining under the natural canopy of trees and a gorgeous string of lights, I realized how we can uplift our own balconies, sprawling gardens, or even our backyards with just the right kind of lights.

Good lighting makes all the difference in the outdoors, especially as the night draws in. And choosing the right lighting for your garden can quickly add interest to a patio space, highlight key features such as your favourite plants, draw attention to a garden pergola that's set up for alfresco dining, or even create warmth in a shadowy corner. More than anything else, the right lights brighten up your mood as you sip on your evening tea with friends in your garden, or host a get-together with your loved ones. 

If you're lucky enough to be blessed with a garden or a backyard, here are some lighting ideas to make it glow all year round. From strips on steps to a string of canopies, there's so much you can do in your oasis of green. Read on for the brightest garden lighting ideas! 

Get Nauti(cal) To Keep It Coastal

Fos Lighting

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If you have an affinity for the ocean, or your house is situated in a coastal city, you might want to add nautical lights to preserve that coastal charm in your backyard. Modelled on a ship's bulkhead, nautical wall lights are unobtrusive, yet their design and structure are sure to make a statement in sprawling gardens or cozy courtyards. Best part? These bulkhead nautical lights do not even occupy much space. You can set it up on walls surrounding your garden space and they will illuminate the whole area. 

Buy Them From: Fos Lighting has a cute capsule bulkhead nautical light that charms the outdoors with its minimal look. They've also got cute filament wall lights for you to check out. You can also get them on Amazon, Ubuy India, or Jainsons Light at cheaper rates. 

Shell Out: INR 399 to INR 1,375 

All Strings Attached (To The Bushes)


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You might be a crazy plant parent, and want to show your garden off. But what's even the point if your bushes and shrubs aren't even highlighted come night? Give your plants a facelift with a pretty string of LED outdoor lights instead. You can go for floral string lights because then, the flowers will look as if they are growing amongst the leafy foliage in our backyard. People these days are also opting for twinkling topiary trees or potted bushes on both sides of their house's main door. These topiary trees have fairy lights entwined in their foliage. 

Buy Them From: Chronos Lights has a beautiful flower bouquet string light option which also is waterproof. It comes with a functional remote control too. Get your topiary trees with solar-powered lights from Desertcart

Shell Out: INR 990 onward 

Dine Under A Canopy Of Lights

This one's my personal favourite way to dine under twinkling lights. Nature canopies bring with them a certain warmth, and that's what even canopy lighting does. A ceiling of twinkling lights can transform an outdoor patio into an alfresco fairytale wonderland. Imagine dining under the glow of soft yellow canopy lights. Romantic right? They're perfect for a date night in the garden space. Or, if you want to have a birthday party on your patio, then you can even create a ceiling of bunting light strings. 

Buy Them For: Glimmer Lightings has the perfect pack of canopy light strings with big warm bulbs. One canopy string comes with 10 bulbs and adds to the charm of your outdoor garden. You can also create a canopy with flamingo string lights from Chronos Lights, or mini hot air balloon shades from Bombay Kids Company. 

Shell Out: INR 1,999 for 12-meter string of 10 bulbs 

Go Victorian For The Old World Charm

Fos Lighting

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Install a touch of Victorian charm into your courtyard with a traditional lamppost if your taste speaks of opulence and luxury. And don't you worry about waiting for the lamplighter at night because thanks to modern tech, these charming Victorian lampposts come with solar LEDs and are energy efficient. Surround your lampposts with pretty pots and classic plants to enhance the period feature.

Buy Them From: Fos Lighting has outdoor Victorian hanging lamps that'll grace your garden and enhance its beauty. If you want something finer, go for these outdoor garden and gate lamps from Kapoor Lamp Shades.  

Shell Out: INR 2,300 to INR 7,700

Light Up Your Steps, One Strip At A Time


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Step-lighting is pretty common in almost every 5-star hotel's staircases or entrance. That's also because LED strip lighting can be cut and customised to fit almost anywhere. The light chips are attached directly onto a printed circuit board which can then be stuck onto step treads or decking to create a linear light up walkway or border. If you want to illuminate your pathway that leads to your garden area, using strip lights on your steps is the best way to do it. 

Buy Them From: Amazon has a lot of affordable options for neon strip lights that you can fix underneath the tip of every step to make it glow. We're digging the pink and blue neon LED strips! 

Shell Out: INR 350 to INR 1,500 

Hang In A Chandelier For An Element Of Surprise


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When your guests see something that they aren't expecting to witness in your garden space, it makes way for interesting conversations. Now, chandeliers are a perfect fit for our living rooms, but who said our garden spaces cannot have one too? Go for something surprising and hang an elegant chandelier up on the underside of a gazebo roof, or a summer house, and bring in some sofas to create a cozy entertaining space. A little bit of luxe while enjoying the greens doesn't harm anyone! Oh and if you want to keep things minimal, how about a statement pendant light? 

Buy Them From: Pepperfry has great options for all kinds of chandeliers. Eclectic, modern, traditional and mid-century gothic, take your pick and get them for your outdoor garden area. Get pendant lights from Home Center. 

Shell Out: INR 8,000 to INR 20,000 (this can be an expensive affair but worth it if you're someone who likes the opulence) 

Bring In Those Baubles To Light Up An Archway

World Brand

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There's nothing complicated about bauble lighting for the outdoors. In fact, it is very much in vogue. Simply pop in some tealights inside hanging glass orbs and string them up under a garden archway for a beautiful and angelic display. Dot them around the garden by hanging them from tree branches, sturdy bushes, ornaments or garden buildings. How pretty would these look dangling from a gazebo that you can all sit underneath! 

Buy Them From: Brand World has a pretty good deal in their bauble lighting section. Their 5-meter warm white LED wish balls or baubles look super cute! Lamansh and Ajio have a surprisingly great collection too. In case you're in the need of quirky tealights to place inside baubles, House of Sajja won't disappoint. 

Shell Out: INR 499 to INR 1,580 

Get Your Garden Under The Spotlight


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Spotlights are a designer's secret weapon when it comes to transforming the garden into a stunning space. The low-level lights are usually embedded in the ground to cast illumination upwards, accentuating trees, sculptures, or any other statement features you want to highlight. Again, spotlighting garden spaces in commonly seen in Indian homes, and if you have a sprawling space, then you must get a few to beautify it. 

Buy Them From: Amazon has pocket-friendly options for LED garden spotlighting, which are also waterproof. Get them in different colours!

Shell Out: INR 599 to INR 1,000

Build A Cozy Spot With Lanterns & Faux Candles

West Elm

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If you're following the hygge way of life or want to create a cottagecore corner in your garden area, then bring in some lanterns and faux candles. This is also perfect for people who have small balconies and want to make themselves a cozy spot there. Faux candles emit a flickering glow and look so realistic these days that you'd be hard pushed to differentiate them from a real flame. Add lanterns, string festoon lights, and tealights into the mix to complete the setting and throw in some blankets, cushions, and plenty of ambient lighting. 

Buy Them From: The best brand for faux candles is West Elm. Chronos lights have great options too. For lanterns and tea lights, trust Shop on LBB's curated collection. 

Shell Out: INR 500 to INR 1,000

Walk On An Illuminated Path With Soft Brick Lighting


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If you want a no-fuss, low-impact lighting solution for pathways and patios or gardens, solar-powered LED brick lights are just the trick. Portable and pretty, you can easily arrange them to light the way or dot around a seating area to improve floor-level visibility. Their purpose is pretty similar to strip lighting, however, the look is quite different, and more rustic, in our opinion. Cover the pathway to your patio with white stones, and place red or blue brick lights on it for best results. 

Buy Them From: These warm solar brick lights from Ubuy India are waterproof. You can get a set of 4 brick lights from Flipkart too. 

Shell Out: INR 2,000 to INR 5,000