A Youth Hostel Membership Is Your Key To Travelling Across India On A Budget

Youth Hostels Association of India


Youth Hostels Association of India is your ticket to travelling cheap all over the country {and beyond} and here’s why you should sign up for it.

What Is It?

Hostelling across the world is a very significant aspect of travelling and the fact that our country is a part of the culture too, is a respite for budget travellers. According to YHAI, the movement is based on two basic urges – love for the unknown, which includes desire for adventure and the desire to meet new people. YHAI is an autonomous organisation that organises trekking, mountaineering, nature study, family camping and sailing. With thousands of hostels spread across the world, you can literally stay at any of those without spending much, if you plan ahead. A cycling expedition will cost you INR 4,830 and a trip spanning nine days to Sikkim will cost you INR 16,500 only.

How Does It Work?

Membership is open to all and gives you access to hostels across 90 countries. A two-year membership will cost you INR 250. The membership card entitles you to get discounts at hostels within the country and abroad as well. One can sign up online or at the Delhi head office. We suggest going for lifetime membership for INR 2,000 only. Losing out on a gymkhana membership doesn’t look too bad now.

So, We're Saying...

If you’ve always wanted to travel on budget with zero planning, try YHAI. They take care of everything from accommodation to food and cycling gear.

Youth Hostels Association of India