Ghatkopar Khau Galli Is A Vegetarian's Paradise

    Ghatkopar East, Mumbai

    Ghatkopar Khau Galli is a cornucopia of vegetarian indulgences. Most khau gallis in the city usually have meat-based dishes that throw off your average vegetarian, but not here! Expect to find everything in the meat free realm here - complete with copious amounts of cheese. Read on!

    WTC Pasta

    Try the Pink Sauce Pasta (whatever shape you like is great!), THE NACHOS, and the Exotic Gravy Khichiya. It's a deluge of cheese, and we'd gladly take the plunge!

    Price: INR 100-150

    Jay Mashitala Juice Center

    Shakes and juices are so hot right now - but sometimes they can be overpriced and underwhelming. Not here, though. Expect quality juices and shakes here, and just be thankful it's reasonably priced!

     Price: Coconut milkshake INR 55, Kit Kat milkshake INR 50

    Hot Spot

    Hot Spot,  which is a tiny barbeque stand right next to the pasta stall. They do tikkas and rolls of baby corn, mushrooms, paneer, and potatoes! The paneer tikka comes highly recommended, so that's what we'll suggest you try.

    Price: Paneer Tikka plate INR 70

    Sai Swad Dosa

    Stacked in a single row, these dosa stalls are famous for their whacky varieties of dosa fillings like Maggi, pasta, and schezwan paneer 

    Jain Pani Puri

    The iconic Jain Pani Puri is a stone's throw away from Ghatkopar's Guru Kripa. Expect only Jain pani puri here (this is a vegetarian khau galli after all), but hey, it's absolutely delicious. 

    Price: One plate will cost you a paltry INR 20

      Ghatkopar East, Mumbai