Gifts & More: Where to Shop For Quirky Gifts In Dadar

Top Arts Frame's

Dadar, Mumbai

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While exploring Dadar, we happened upon this local gift store and we can't wait to share what we found with you! 

What Makes It Awesome

Top Art Frames looks like a regular framing shop from the outside, so you might not expect to find anything beyond that inside the store. However, as we know, looks can be deceiving, and this is good deceit! The store is actually a gift shop, and the interiors are well stocked with all manner of pretty gifting and decorative items for the home. 

Browse the store, and you'll find everything from decorative clocks in contemporary and faux antique styles, pretty dreamcatchers in a bright burst of colours, wall art and metallic sculptures (we loved a pretty water lily pad sculpture), cute oversized cups and more!

You'll also find Buddha statues, quirky ashtrays (like a Spongebob one), mini bappa murtis, cute gardening accessories and more. All items here start at INR 400.


Keep a look out for their more quirky items like the Spongebob ashtray and the cute dreamcatchers.

Top Arts Frame's

Dadar, Mumbai