Nom Nom: This 40-Inch Pizza Delight Is Cheesier Than Your Better Half

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Stop what you’re doing right here, because your biggest fantasy has come true: there’s a 40-inch pizza you can dig into at Gustoso.

What Makes It Awesome

Gustoso, a pizzeria with an outlet in Kemp’s Corner, serves its pizza life-size – one metre {or approx 40 inches} long. When we saw the concept of a huge pizza in Gilmore Girls, we were intrigued. When we heard that Juno’s pizza makes a 20-inch pizza, we were enthralled. And now, that we know of this gigantic one-metre pizza, we are ecstatic.

This rectangle-shaped pizza has 16 slices and is baked in a wood-fired oven, as is the norm in the restaurant. You will {hopefully} not just be ordering for one, and there will be debate on what type of pizza to get. You can mix around with the toppings, and make it a bunch of pizzas in one. A vegetarian margherita pizza would cost approx INR 2,800 without tax and a non-vegetarian one is between INR 3,500 and INR 4,000. The one meter long pizza is a combination of four pizzas that you can choose from the menu and ask the staff to club it all for you. 

This sounds lovely for a post-work indulgence with work people, or even a date with your foodie equivalent. Buono appetito. 


If one metre is a lil too intimidating at first, you can go easy by calling for a half metre or even ¾ metre. If you want large pizza in your PJs, the order is for their regular 12 inch pizzas and ½ metre option.