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Goptimata In Diu Is A Clean, Gorgeous White Sand Beach Your Squad Will Love

What Is It?

Diu in Gujarat is possibly one of the most underrated tourist places to go to. Flanked by the sea, the beaches in Diu are gorgeous, clean and perfect for a trip with your squad to get some tanning on. If you’re in Diu then Goptimata beach ought to be on your list and it’s time to get your beach bod there.

How Do I Get There?

Diu is a union territory and unlike Goa, is a tiny island that is accessible by road, or if you’re looking to squeeze in as much as time as possibly, by air. The nearest airport is the Diu Airport and is a one hour flight from Mumbai.

However, if you’re going to the road, it’s at least a 15 to 19 hour journey.

What’s So Unique About It?

Diu is a union territory so even though its falls in the state of Gujarat, one can easily get cheap alcohol. Moving on to the sunnier side of things, the beaches in Diu are lovely and unlike, Goan beaches, not as crowded.

One of the popular ones is the Goptimata beach. We say popular, but we mean it hardly ever gets over crowded. Though it’s not as sandy as you’d expect it to be, the beach starts from the west end of the island.

Why Should I Go?

When the sun’s out, get yourselves out and about. The beach is really clean, and the blue water is perfect for some quick dipping. Not too far from this beach {at a walking distance} you can also walk over Chakratirth Beach and then onwards to Jalandhar beach as well.

Head here with your girl squad for some tanning, sunset view or just to swim in the sea.

Anything Else?

Make sure to carry loads of sun block, water and your glasses.