Coffee And Sunsets: A Guide To A Day Well-Spent In Matheran



Exhausted paid leaves, queue of deadlines to meet and a mind that refuses to work? Ditch that ‘long weekend’ excuse, put those sneakers on and head to Matheran for a no-fuss getaway. Asia’s only automobile-free hill station, Matheran is the closest you can get to the best mix of nature, food and calm. If you are looking for a quick one-day getaway, tick this off your travel list.

What Makes It Awesome

Matheran is going to leave you surprised with the kind of good food it has to offer. From Kokam to waffles, it has everything to have you unwind over. 

Ganesh Snacks is the go-to place with a playlist worth swooning over and food worth drooling over. Don’t forget to beat the heat with their cold coffee.

With a number of points to visit, Sunset point is definitely worth losing directions for, and getting lost only to arrive at a sight that’s going to leave your jaw dropped. Also, take out that camera on your way up and shoot away in glory as you come across pretty little houses and trails smitten with greenery and understated beauty.


You might have a fairly tough time figuring out directions but make sure to go in groups to make more sense of the chaos and make your way back without much delay since transportation is an issue post 7 PM.

As you are making your way back down, overpowered with exhaustion, take a moment off and look up. Trust us, you would be singing A Sky Full Of Stars with the widest smile on your face, thanking your own stars and taking with you the whiff of an experience worth reminiscing time and again.

The weather’s getting better, it’s about time that you give yourself a break and head to Matheran for a quick retreat.