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Say What! Get A Haircut At This Mumbai Salon For Only INR 150 Per Person

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Strapped for cash yet looking for a haircut? Hair Xpreso salons all across the city offer haircuts for INR 150 only. No kidding.

Cut To The Chase

Haircuts can be a ridiculously expensive affair, especially for something that is just purely functional and crucial some times {I’m thinking about you, overgrown bangs}. If you are looking for a quick fix, short trim or a little poofing, check out the Hair Xpreso salons across Mumbai. These tiny parlours look like nothing to write home about on the outside, but have an inviting offer, that’s on always, each haircut for INR 150.

Sounds ridiculous, but is true. Don’t expect fancy hairstyles, the latest trends but you can definitely visit them for a regular cut. We have visited the one in Parel, and find, in our experience, that the staff is decently competent, and extremely polite. From younger children to adults {men and women}, they take haircuts for all. This does not include the hair wash though, that is another INR 150.

So, We're Saying...

The next time you’re looking for a cheap, affordable option, just stop on over to Hair Xpreso. Find a branch near you here.

If you are looking for more haircuts under INR 1000, you can check out this nifty LBB guide to affordable haircuts across salons in the city.