Chill At Rude Lounge, A Rooftop Bar In Powai, For After-Work Drinks Tonight

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This rooftop bar at Powai’s Supreme Business Park is the watering hole to hang out at with your buddies if you’re looking to drink with a view.

Chow Down

Quite popular in Hiranandani Gardens, Rude Lounge is a rooftop bar at Supreme Business Park, and seems like an ideal joint to let your hair down after a hard day’s work.

The menu looks like it could belong to any other drinking joint – a long list of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters, some pizzas and pastas, another extensive list of Chinese dishes, and a small list of ‘mini meals’. Their appetisers are what you should mostly stick to, but just to keep your drinks company – this is a place you go to drink.

Sip On

The alcohol menu offers all your typical whisky, beer, rum, vodka and other options, and also has some good pitcher options {beer pitchers and towers for INR 660 and INR 1210 respectively}. What’s cool about this place is that their list of cocktails is just as long. A shooter named Brain Hemorrhage is alongside Whiskey Sours – this night can go whichever direction you like, basically.

We also hear this lounge has good deals on alcohol, so if you’re planning a boozy evening and don’t want to go over board with the moolah, may be you can consider this as an option. Bollywood lovers can rejoice as the lounge does play hit movie mixes and even has a wall full of celebrity posters.

Anything Else?

This huge property gets massive brownie points from us for its ambiance – clean, nicely done up with good seating, neon lighting and walls full of frames and posters. Generally flooded with working professionals, here’s where those who work in the vicinity come to unwind.

This is the perfect weather to be at a rooftop bar enjoying a tasty drink. So we’d suggest that the next time you find yourself in Powai, and want to grab a quick drink, give Rude Lounge a shot and let us know how you like it.