Eat At Rooftop Cafe Or Visit A Fort: Here's How To Make The Most Of Mumbai Rains

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    It’s true. If you have the will, you can make the best of everything. Even the monsoon. After all the sighs, comes the joy of seeing the city dance to the beat off the rains. Here are some activities you can do and places you can visit to make the best of of it.

    Visit Sion Fort

    Sion Fort

    Sion, Mumbai

    It’s a blessing in disguise for those looking to hear the chirping of birds, feel the gush of clean air and a bird’s eye view of the city. The garden has numerous arched bridges/staircases leading to greener patches. It’ll be even more beautiful during monsoon. Post this, enjoy a plate of chhole bhature from Chawla’s after.

    Go For A Run To Bandra Fort

    Bandra Fort

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    The Bandstand stretch is a witness to how beautiful the seaside looks during monsoon. We’re not talking about running during a heavy downpour day but taking it easy on a fairly dry day. Soak in the view, meet some dogs along the way and end you walk/run at the fort. You can even sit in the park and spend some time, doing nothing.

    Monsoon Marathon

    If you’re a runner, you may already know about the Monsoon Marathon happening in August. While it may be great for runners, it’s also an enjoyable feat for non-runners or somebody looking to start. You’ll dodge the heat and get to see the city in a new light. Score.

    Powai Strolling


    Powai, Mumbai

    Powai as a locality has a lot to offer. Powai lake gets fuller and becomes home to a mini waterfall too. If you want to stroll through Powai in its glory, monsoon is the time. It also has some great eateries to check out, for when hunger strikes on a rainy day.

    Rooftop Cafes

    Nothing can match the feeling of sitting on a rooftop while sipping a cup of hot chocolate {or beer, whatever floats your boat}. We’ve told you about the best rooftop views here. Put this list to use.

    Soapy Football

    This is an unusual one but really fun. It’s exactly what it sounds like – football played on a soapy terrain. We told you about it here. They also have a trampoline, and we’ll just leave this here.