Decoding The Legend: Why Hotel Deluxe At Fort Is Worth Your Time

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If Mallu food is what you endure bad days for, you must, must visit Hotel Deluxe in Fort. And here’s what we think you will miss out on if you choose otherwise.

Chow Down

Fort as an area is hard to match up to – there’s heritage, culture, architecture to gawk at and a butt load of good eateries to hang out at. And let us tell you, Hotel Deluxe stands tall and proud. The South Indian eatery is a must-visit for everyone who digs Mallu food.

Their menu starts at INR 16 {for tea} and goes up to a maximum of INR 370. We bet you can finish a meal here under INR 200, without the need of ordering in a second helping. Try their kappa biryani {INR 140}, tarli fry {INR 90}, thakkali meen curry, chicken Kerala {INR 90}, mutton roast {INR 170} and more. And let us tell you, they also do Chinese and Punjabi cuisine. The sheer variety will baffle you and the taste will uplift your spirits here, it’s that good.

So, We're Saying...

The restaurant has been an old favourite and is highly recommended by our South Indian friends too. So, if you’re in the mood for some southern lovin’, head to Fort.