You Don't Need An Excuse To Pamper Mum But Here's What She Might Like!


    She's always there for you, right? From calling you a zillion times just to know whether you've eaten to sensing something's wrong with you even without uttering a word - she's always there. From being a friend to an idol, and from being a superwoman to being kinda annoying sometimes - it's time to give her back the love and compassion which our Mothers have been showering us with. Without anything in return.

    So, plan a date with your leading lady, at home. 

    Start The Day With A Heartwarming Letter

    Floral Letter Pads


    Yep. The old-school letters still have a charm of their own. Not all of us are great at expressing our feelings by talking it out. That's when greeting cards and letters work the best. Write her a simple letter or go all out and make a personalised poem to express your love. And to add an element of fun and surprise, place the letter in that place in your house where she'd head first in the morning. She'll LOVE it. 

    Got an image handy? Paste in on the letter. It will add an extra touch of thoughtfulness. Got a memorable incident from your childhood? Try and sketch it out. 

    Add this floral letter pad to cart and go on and add that personal touch to your gift. And don't worry, it's mum, we're pretty sure she'll understand ever if your handwriting is terrible!

    Surprise Her With A Wholesome Breakfast (Or Brunch)

    Chocolate Pancake Mix


    Wake up a bit early and arrange for a wholesome breakfast. Confused what to make? Well, we've got a bunch of recipes you could use. How about Avocado on toast, a fancy French toast or muffins. Of course, pair these with a cup of tea or coffee. Wait, that's not it. You've got to present it well. Hunt for the best kitchenware you've got, clear the dining table and arrange it all in a classy way. Go all out!

    And if you're just not great in the kicthen, there's always easy pancakes mixes like this one. This indulgent pancake mix is easy as 1-2-3. Add some fresh fruit and you've got a great and simple brunch.

    Make Her A Zen Corner Of Her Own

    Snail Shell Mini Planter


    Let's accept it. Sometimes, all those daily chores can really get to you. And mum is usually the one that gets stuck with the maximum of the load, right? While one way is to take up her portion of chores for the day, you can also help create a zen space that she can enjoy her me-time. This can be a simple nook with some greenery, too.

    We love this classy shell planter that you can add to even a side table for a soothing touch of green.

    Pamper Her With A Relaxing Home Spa

    Orange And Almond Scrub


    Well, we can't suggest you treating her with a spa in her favourite salon. Sighs. But but, you can always re-create that experience at home. DIY pedicure, home made face masks or a massage therapy, options are tons. 

    This organic orange and almond scrub from Three Sister's is a bestseller. and has rave reviews. Mum will love indulging in some self-care with this one.

    DIY It Together

    DIY Craft Kit - Aromatherapy Candles


    Remember how you guys made sand castles together or how she helped make your school craft project? How about re-visiting those memories. Pick a hobby, a DIY project or any other fun assignment. Choose gardening, making a DIY bottle art, re-arranging the living room, setting up fairy lights with some photos, weave a sweater maybe, bake a cake, make candles. There's so much to do. Plus, these activities are super fun and work great for bonding. 

    You can also make your own aromatherapy candles with this awesome kit from Beeorganik. 

    And some more suggestions here

    Organise A Cute Movie Date And Don't Forget Popcorn

    Caramel Krisp Popcorn & Choco Caramel Popcorn


    Well, this one's our favourite. Convert your living room into a mini-theater. Either watch a movie or straight go for a movie marathon (Lots of suggestions here). Pick a genre that both of you like - romcoms, thriller, drama, classics, horror - and decide on a movie. We've also compiled a list of movies that are perfect to watch with your mom. 

    Make sure you've organised for some popcorn and pizza. You can even order a huge range of popcorn tins right here on LBB. Our pick is the Crispy Caramel. But if you prefer savoury, you can go for the cheese. They also have flavours like blueberry, choco caramel and more.

    #LBBTip: If not movies, you can always opt for a fun karaoke even. 

    Cook A Fancy Dinner

    Pulao Kit with Readymade Tadka, Fried Onions & Roasted Cashews


    How about a fancy fine-dine experience? While we're no Masterchefs to be honest, but a little effort and lots of love can help you put together an amazing meal. Confused what to cook? Scan through these cooking websites, cooking shows on Netflix or simply scroll through our 'Make It Yourself' section.

    If mum loves Indian food, you can even try you hand at a classic Dal Tadka or Veg Pulao with these ready-to-cook kits on LBB.

    End It On A Sweet Note

    Ready to Cook - Spanish Churros (20 Churros with Chocolate Sauce and Cinnamon Dust)


    This one's a given. Either order in some sweat treats home or opt maybe make something really simple and low-key. We tried making an amazing mug chocolate cake in just 10 minutes. And highly recommend you to do the same. Or find recipes to some really easy-peasy desserts here which won't take more than 15 minutes. 

    If mum loves churros (I mean, who doesn't) order this DIY Churros kit and whip her up some churros right at home. It even comes with cinnamon dust and chocolate sauce!