Keep Your Health In Check And Satiate Your Hunger At The Bombay Salad Co.

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What Makes It Awesome

The highlight of this amazing place is 'make your own salad' bar where you can experiment a DIY salad or choose from the variety of other salad options.

They have the yummiest options available in their menu which are perfect for your health, pocket and taste buds.

A few famous and chef's favourite are a must try; if you are a vegetarian, you can try out the farmer salad, Mr. Bean salad, the picnic salad or the samurai salad amongst others.

Non-vegetarians can try out hercules, the moroccan, The Hawaiian, the red frenchman. Plus the service here is quick and the salads are quite filling.

What's My Pro Tip?

They also serve sandwiches, juices, organic beverages and desserts. So do not miss out on their smoothies especially the berries yoghurt muesli smoothie. It is absolutely delish!

Anything Else?

You can top the smoothies with protein powder or granola bars if you are on a specific diet. Smoothies here are completely sugar-free.

They have dairy-free smoothies too. You can also swap the dairy with soy milk, cashew milk, coconut milk or almond milk. Talk about having options.