Dabba Dreams: Office Goers, Get The Best Of Food From These Mumbai Tiffin Services

Majority of us spend our days slogging at work, and in order to compensate for that (or rather give in to unhealthy cravings) we feed ourselves with greasy, oily junk food. We've underestimated the power of a good home-cooked dabba, so all you office goers and workers, worry not, because these tiffin services in the city will sort you out. 


This dabba service that caters to the health-conscious. It has a pocket-friendly and diverse menu offering healthy yet delicious Italian, continental and Oriental cuisine which has been Indianised to the local palate. The meal options include a chicken herbed brown rice meal, a smoked chicken in mushroom sauce with brown rice, a smoked chicken multi-grain sandwich, a green salad and a wheat pasta in Alfredo sauce.

Price: Boxes are priced between INR 250-280

P.S- You can call them on 810 8009 056. 

Fast Food Restaurants

Sumati Niwas, 1, Tirandaz Village, Near Shiv Sena Chaka, Powai, Mumbai

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Herbivore is a meal box service started by Bela Gupta to spoil vegetarians for choice, so that they don’t have to look for the green dot anymore. Each tiffin box has four elements – a salad, two parts of main course and either a soup or drink like fresh lemonade or soup. The types of food can vary from a Greek watermelon and arugula salad in one meal to a delicious stuffed bao in the other, pad Thai, laccha paratha or even sushi. And did we mention? No dish is repeated for 30 days.

Price: The five-meal plan for INR 2,000, 10+1 meal plan for INR 4,000, 20+3 meal plan for INR 8,000 

P.SHerbivore is in Mahim. And there's free delivery up to 4kms around Mahim, and an extra charge of INR 5 per km beyond that. 

Happy Grub

HappyGrub is a dabba service in the city serving healthy, Jain and even diabetic meals in the city. Backed by a nutritionist, their meals start at INR 85 and go up to INR 125 per meal. You can choose from an eco meal (INR 2,230 onward), mini meal (INR 2,590 onward) or an executive meal (INR 2,950 onward) for a month. They use a combination of whole grains, protein, fibre, and probiotics without compromising on taste. You can order an all-vegetarian lunch, dinner or both from HappyGrub.

Price: The price for two is 500.

Balanced Meal

This website basically offers healthy meals so go ahead and choose from their various plans. They have regular meals (INR 75- INR 135), diet meals (INR 100- INR 145) and high protein meals (INR 150- INR 225). They have a combination of Indian and continental cuisines, so while you will have the dal, roti, sabzi, and rice, you will also have salads, soups and more. All the plans are neatly segregated as per requirements. But the best part as that for an additional amount, you can also get a personalised diet upon consultation with their in-house nutritionist.

Price: The regular meals start at INR 75 (damn economical, right?)

Cooked By Moms

Cooked by Moms is a social enterprise that makes available healthy, home-cooked food at workplaces and empowers women (who cook this food) alongside. If you’re wondering who these women are, they are home makers, the ones who have unconditional love that often seeps into the food they cook. 

P.S-Check their site out for pricing details, or drop them a message to get your dabba customized. Its mostly price-on-request. 

The Curry Brothers

The Curry Brothers is reminiscent of ‘ghar-ka-khana’ – taking you back to the traditional dishes cooked by your mother or grandmother. Combining the exciting cuisine of Goa and Bengal, they make sure to keep the dishes as authentic as possible yet adding their own modern twist to it. The delicious bowls of curries that includes eight curry pairings like the Curry Brothers’ Jhaal Muri {for the veggies}, pulled kosha mangsho, pulled pork vindaloo and so much more. We also love that customers can request for off-the menu dishes, or mix and match. Goan Choriz rice {part pulao, part fried rice}, or the crab version of the regular prawn moilee are the popular requests for the dabba service can be your lunch simply by a request. 

Price: The tiffin service is INR 175 upwards for the curries, and can be customised with extras on the menu.

Delivery Services

A-3, Dhanraj Industrial Estate, Lower Parel West, Mumbai


Yummy Tiffins

The menu at Yummy Tiffins comes in a variety of mouth-watering cuisines and nutritional options. It is a judicious mix of carbohydrates and proteins, low-calorie content and no artificial flavours/preservatives. Whether it’s Hakka noodles, Cheese Balls or Gulab Jamun. Nutrition doesn’t have to mean bland, boring diets, and that's their mantra. Ask the dietician on board for tips and tricks on your meal plan. And the food is just like you would make it, minus the effort. The team at Yummy Tiffins ensures that the meals are not only healthy but also appealing to the eye and palette. Yummy Tiffins also offers different meal plans, such as, diabetic meal, low/medium calorie meals, and meals for those who want to put on weight. This means, you can build your own healthy tiffin or choose from 10-12 combo schemes.

Price: A regular combo starts at INR 90. 

Spice Box

If simple, home-made and nutritious food is up your alley, hit up Spicebox for a lunch and dinner subscription. They serve North Indian cuisine and never repeat any dish throughout the month. They also deliver a different cuisine on Friday {called Friday surprise} which could include any other cuisine, such as Chinese, Thai and Continental. With the vegetarian dabba starting at INR 80, and non-vegetarian dabba at INR 90, it seems super affordable in a city where an average lunch can cost INR 250. A Spicebox meal will typically consist of rotis, rice, one veg/non-veg dish, a dal, a salad and dessert.

Price: A veg meal here starts at INR 80.