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Live The Jungle Life At This Cottage That Serves Food Made On A Chulha

    What Makes It Awesome

    Maachli is a peaceful farmstay bang in the middle of nowhere in Vengurla (also around 35 minutes away from Malvan) that makes for a quick getaway. It’s situated on a peaceful plantation and is being taken care of by the Samant family who’ve made sure to not cut down any tree from the area. In fact, the cottages are eco-friendly, wooden and go well the overall ambiance of nature and greenery surrounding them.

    What We Love: The whole concept of getting away at Maachli is to be one with nature. They offer simple yet beautiful village-type huts for their guests surrounded by lush coconut, banana and spice plantations. The cottages open out to a balcony and offer basic facilities. In fact, they’re so particular about serving their concept to the guests, that even the food is well thought out. It is served on banana leaves, with earthen pots that are used to serve the food. The vegetables are organic and grown on the plantation itself, cooked on the choola (mud-stove) to really bring out the flavour to the T.

    Shell Out: For single occupancy, it's INR 3,500 for adults; for a double occupancy you'll pay INR 4,500 and meals start separately from INR 200 onward. 

    What's More: A lot of activities are planned as well if you’d like to get involved in them. They include things like taking a guided tour of the village society “Avaath” with its Konkani style houses and visiting their Friday bazaar. You could also take to farming at the plantation or visit the nearby temples and beaches. 

    How To Reach There: Malvan is accessible quite easily via road. You can either opt for a 10-hour drive or take a local MSRTC bus which takes an hour more. Maachli is around half an hour away from Malvan. 


    We suggest taking your own car as it will get easier for you to roam around the area.