Chicken Tikka, Thai Curry And More: Where To Get That Hatke Warm Bowl Of Maggi This Winter

    Maggi might be best served at home, under two minutes. But we know that there are as many variations of Maggi as there are fans of it, and whenever we’re in the mood to experiment, while keeping one foot firmly in our comfort zone, here’s where we head. 

    P.S: Maggi lovers, haven't you already bookmarked them all? 

    Hungry Head, Powai

    This place was highly recommended to us for their Maggi, and they lived up to the hype. Their menu is so loaded with Maggi dishes that each visit merits a new dish.

    What To Expect: They try and infuse Maggi into different dishes, so expect (deep breath) pizza Maggi, Maggi sandwiches, and even a Maggi burger on the menu. Also check out barbeque Maggi and Thai curry Maggi. Their most popular dishes are Picadillia Maggi and the Aglio o Olio Maggi.

    Shell Out: INR 100 onward

    P.S: Heads up, they only do vegetarian dishes, so meat-lovers will have to settle for greener options. Also, it’s an outdoor seating arrangement with a food-truck vibe. It’s easy on the pocket and the service is quick. Though if it’s a sunny day we’re out of luck since there’s no shaded area.

    The Tuck Box, Charni Road

    A casual dining place, The Tuck Box is budget-friendly, and is often frequented by college students, especially late in the night. The ambience is nothing great, as it basically functions like a food stall with outside seating.This joint is tucked away in the lanes of Charni Road right next to the famous Shalimar Juice Centre, and is another great place for a quick Maggi indulgence. 

    What To Expect: Besides the classic Maggi, we tried out the special paneer and cheese Maggi for a protein-heavy experience that we did not regret. At All. 

    Shell Out: INR 100 upwards

    P.S: The street is crowded at night, so expect long waiting times of at least 20 minutes during weekends. It’s also cash-only. 

    Koolar & Co

    Not your quintessential Irani Café, Koolar and Co is super popular and almost always crowded from the moment it opens up. The service isn’t all that great, but their Maggi is always in demand, with a cup of their Irani chai and bun maska. It is also hugely popular with college students for its cheap prices. Fun fact, this café is often used for film shootings.

    What To Expect: Maggi with cheese and obviously, an egg on top. We are at an Irani cafe after all.

    P.S: Since it’s always crowded, we recommend late afternoons. 

    Shell Out:  INR 90 onward

    Manoj Pasta

    Manoj Pasta

    Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

    We decided to include this on the list purely because it’s one of the best and underrated places to get Maggi on Mumbai streets. Manoj , the owner of Manoj pasta (obvious much?) literally cooks everything on his tiny red cart on the street. Though his pastas are more famous, we preferred his Maggi. 

    What To Expect: Heaps of vegetables such as corn and mushroom along with paneer are served with the Maggi. One plate was enough to fill us up.

    Shell Out: Over-priced at INR 100, we still recommend him for a quick bite.

    P.S: There’s no seating, but the beauty of this place is to stand there and eat. Perfect for office-goers in and around Cuffe Parade, head here for a quick bite. It’s insanely busy in the evening, so expect some waiting time.

    Kill No Calorie, Thane

    This cafe is sort of a hidden gem situated in the narrow yet famous alley of Naupada in Thane. What makes it so special is its menu and how perfectly it compliments the name of this place. In Kill No Kalorie, everything is a bit extra (extra creamy, extra cheesy) 

    What To Expect: The injected samosa maggi is the bomb here and quite a hit in the hood. 

    Shell Out: INR 140 onward 

    P.S: The pastas here are filling and delicious too.