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Plain, Cheesy Or Manchurian: Anytime Is Maggi Time And Here's Where To Find It In The City

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While the popular instant noodles might have had its share of controversies, Maggi is still synonymous with comfort food for most of us. Whether it’s for a late-night snack or a quick lunch, don’t we all love tucking into a warm bowl of this noodley goodness? Especially when the wintersare here! And, in case you are craving for something more exciting and flavourful (or are too lazy to cook up some yourself), we have just the thing for you. Here’s our pick of restaurants and cafes around town that serve Maggi in regular as well as interesting avatars.

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, we suggest you order in a bowl of warm and comforting maggi, than step out! The restaurants on this list are available on popular delivery platforms and/or have their own delivery system in place. Make sure to look for them on the same or call for more details.

Kitchen of Joy

If you think the good old, plain Maggi just won’t do, this humble cafe has quite a lot of variations for you to choose from. Starting from Cheese Maggi and Egg Maggi to Chicken Sausage Maggi, Chicken Sausage+Egg+Veg Maggi and Mutton Kheema Maggi, Kitchen of Joy has enough of the yummy stuff to keep everyone happy.

Tea Brew

What better weather to sip on a hot cup of tea and slurp some Maggi, don’t you agree? Now a 80-seater, tea room-cum-restaurant Tea Brew has quite a few Maggi specials on offer. With a choice of veg or chicken, their menu lists Fried Masala, Peri Peri, Cheese (loaded and topped with cheddar cheese) and Roberto's with olives, jalapenos and Italian seasoning.


The first place in Bangalore to start the trend of serving Maggi in a cafe (way back in 2010), Chaipatty is perfect for a weekend hangout with friends. This pocket-friendly cafe serves plain, veg, egg and chicken Maggi. But what we love is that you can choose to make it Exotica with an additional INR 40 (quite a popular option among the regulars, we must say) or just decide to keep it super-cheesy (INR 10).

Chai Point

You don’t even need to leave where you are right now to get the goodness of Maggi in your hand now. Just order from Chai Point. Pick from Sriracha, Butter, Veggie or the classic options to feed the heart and soul. Add on some ginger chai, and it’ll be heaven on earth. We’re doing that right now!

Shivam Snacks Corner

Amongst the several busy lanes around Christ University populated by students, there exists a place called Chikkalaxmi Layout a.k.a. Chick Lane. On this lane resides the small unassuming shop that we like to call The Maggi Man. They deliver different kinds of Maggi to most of the people living in this area. While The Maggi Man also offers pav bhaji, roti sabji, rolls, sandwiches and more, his fame lies in his excellent rendition of Maggi. With variations like cheese onion Maggi, onion chilli butter Maggi, chicken Maggi, aloo cheese Maggi, egg cheese Maggi, mix veg paneer Maggi and several other kinds, the stall keeps its loyal clientele coming back for more.

The Open Box

Called Maggi Mania, this menu is classifed as a true Maggi lovers dream. Egg and chicken cheese or classic veggie, no maggi craving will go insatiate here. It is a maggi mania, indeed!

PS. they are temporarily shut for renovations.

The Teal Door

In the middle of the fusion food this charming cafe serves three types of Maggi! Chatkara is tangy and spicy, and most true to the original. Oyster Panda has a Schezuan sauce for the base with button mushrooms for flavour. Then there’s the Al Fredo one which is creamy, cheesy and Italian. But the best part? They will add veggies, chicken or even prawn to make it more than just noodles.

Mudpipe Cafe

When the basic versions of maggi just won't do, all you need is to order in fancy pasta-esque versions from the Mudpipe Cafe. Making its patrons happy with maggi arrabiata and cream cheese maggi, this spot has made a place in our maggi filled hearts.


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