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Clean Beaches, Authentic Seafood & A Deserted Island: Here's Why You Need To Explore This Coastal Village

    Uttan, an untouched coastal space in the heart of Mumbai, is a great getaway from the hustle of the city. Fresh air, calm environment and nostalgic smell of the ocean - makes this an ideal place for all those travellers looking for some peaceful place to sit back and relax. And of course, if you're simply bored of the usual Alibaug, Lonavala, Igatpuri or Matheran.

    Uttan is just two hours drive away from Mumbai. So, we'd suggest you take an exciting road trip there. Or you could also head there by catching a train to Bhayandar, as Uttan is just 8 kms away from Bhayandar. 

    Here's a list of fun things that can be done when in Uttan:

    Uttan Bhatia Beach

    Uttan is also popularly known for its beach. And unlike the Mumbai beaches, the ones here are amazingly clean and peaceful as this destination is comparatively less explored. Just a few kilometres away from Uttan Village is Bhatia Bundar (Bundar means beach in Marathi). 

    Why We Love It: It’s quiet, serene and clean. You'll also a popular spot for the Koli community for fishing. So, be prepped to meet a few locals and understand about their community, livelihood and culture. Or just enjoy you company the best by reading a book or listening to music.

    How To Get There:
    It's just a few minutes away from Uttan village. Any local rickshaw will take to the beach. 

    Joan’s Garden Cafe

    Being a coastal village, Uttan is known for its seafood. But here’s the insider scoop: check out Joan’s Garden Cafe, a home-kitchen in the heart of the village. 

    Why We Love It: Joan’s Garden Café will serve up fresh and authentic East Indian cuisine, like fish curry and rice, vindaloo, sorpotel and hand-breads. If you’re not in the mood for East Indian, do what I do and check out the fresh seafood served with bhakaris, which are flat rice bread.

    How To Get There: You'll find this cafe on the Uttan Naka, right opposite the Uttan police station.

    Price: INR 100 upwards

    Uttan Vashi

    Also called as Tree of Life island, Uttan Vashi is a small and completely uninhabited island and surely a true hidden gem. If you'd like to understand this place better, we'd say befriend one of the local fishermen who are very friendly and will be happy to give you a crash course on the area’s history.

    Why We Love It: Visiting this island is somehow homey and adventurous at the same time. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to be the only human on an island, head here. There's literally only rocks and a few trees. The fishing community has an annual tradition wherein they sail to the island, pray, and then enjoy a picnic and swim with their families. 

    How To Get There: Take an auto to Gorai Beach and then a boat with the local fishermen. It's a good 30-45 minutes boat ride to get there. 

    Trekking Up Dongri Fort

    Also called as Irmitri fort, this is a 17th-century monument which can be best experienced by trekking up the fort. 

    Why We Love It: Although it's a steep climb, the view is completely worth it. Once you're up, you'll enjoy a 360-degree scenic view. You can see the Arabian sea at the West, the Vasai fort at the North, Essel World Park at the South and the pretty Borivali National Park in the East. 

    How To Get There: Take Road 2 from the municipal market until you see the hill.


    With two water parks nearby, Pali Beach Resort and Essel World, Uttan is a great pitstop for a family with kids. The Uttan coastline is also very well-connected to Gorai Beach, which makes it a fun getaway for friends as well.