Treat Yourself With Mini Nutella Waffle Sticks For Just INR 50 At This Dessert Joint

    What Makes It Awesome

    These mini waffle sticks are the perfect size to curb those post lunch dessert cravings without over-indulging. Plus it's topped with generous Nutella which can brighten up the dullest of days.

    What Could Be Better?

    It's takes some time to get your hands on your waffle but you don't mind cause the aroma keeps you happy.

    What's My Pro Tip

    Team your waffle with a delicious scoop of ice cream or yogurt to add some more sweetness. They have a number of flavours you can experiment with.

    Anything Else

    INR 50 for a waffle stick is a great deal and we loved the cafe which has a seating area too.