The Most Expensive Hotel Suite In Mumbai Will Cost You Lakhs For One Night


    Ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the most expensive hotel suite in the city? Well, we did and turns out, it’s fancier and more lavish than we envisioned it to be. The larger-than-life and supremely indulgent Tata Suite inside The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai is magnificent, royal and complete with a sea-view to make it the most enviable living space around.

    Royalty Personified

    Picture this: A 5,000 sq feet, awe-inspiring suite that reminds you of the glorious art and architecture of the colonial history of India, and has 15 rooms including a gigantic bedroom, business centre, gym, spa {yes}, dining area, etc.? Too big to imagine? Wait till you see it!

    The entire suite has splendid crystal chandeliers, rich and plush tapestry, rare art, antiques and artifacts that define luxury and grandeur. We’re not joking when we say that living here is no less than experience a royal affair.

    Too Much To Handle

    It’s truly more than you would imagine. Built on the 6th floor of the Palace Wing, this suite has 15 rooms, all of which are elegantly designed and offer a complete sea view from every angle. Set foot in here and you will be welcomed with two rich marble elephants and gold inlaid teak wood doors.

    There’s a massive bedroom with king-size beds, a private study room with a sit-out overlooking the Gateway of India, a 12-seater business centre, and a 10-seater dining hall is festooned with delicate cut glass stencil and mosaic ceilings, crystal chandeliers with a huge painting of Jamshedji Tata. If this is a lot to deal with already, just remember that the entire suite has Mohogony floors {just wanted to let you know that you must be a bit careful}. If you look around, there will be a variety of beautiful paintings by the likes of MF Husain, Ram Kumar, and Laxman Shreshtha.

    There’s also a gym and an in-suite spa, and butler service {to do every single thing from breakfast, to cocktails} making this and unforgettable experience. Mind you, this suite has been home to some extraordinary personalities like numerous heads of states, royalty and celebrities from across the globe {former President Barack Obama was first guest welcomed to the refurbished suite}.

    So, We're Saying...

    We can already imagine getting some off time in the spa, enjoying some fantastic cocktail while gazing at the sea and getting some sweet dreams as we sink into that soft bed. But all of this comes at a price, and a mighty big one, this time. The Tata Suite is approximately priced between 8-10 lakhs. Yup! We’re getting back to dreaming while you go wrap your head around this.