Mumbai Gets A Taste Of The Delhi Tadka

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kaka Da Dhaba serves authentic Delhi food, Now available in MUMBAI!

The hidden gem in Oshiwara, best Quality & good quantity, a total Food value for money!

Something, which I feel we Mumbaikars were really missing on, Soya Chap.
The place offers simple Delhi style food of chaps, Dals, Roomali, tikka, and naans. Not a big menu, but a lot of delicious dishes to eat. Being a vegetarian, this place was pure heaven for us with bold flavours, no decorations and served on a simple plate. Sliced onion with some masala with yoghurt Dhaniya chutney.

What did we have:

Shurvaat Ke Liye:

➡️Tandoori Chaap:
Soya chaap is our favourite dish. We had not found the authentic Delhi flavour yet Until they served us. Lovely marination of spices nice spice hit(little). A must have for all.
Their signature dish for sure. Marination consists of ginger, garlic, loads of spices on those soya sticks when baked in tandoor gives amazing flavours.

➡️Paneer Malai tikka:
Paneer is a north Indian place. Malai paneer marination was spot on. A good big chunk of paneer, Lovely Chargrilled, and smoky flavour


➡️Palak paneer:
Nice thick spinach gravy with cumin, garlic, chilli. Soft paneer to go with it. A classic dish and this was perfect. The gravy had right thickness. Not oily at all. A must-have for sure.

➡️Amritsar dal tadka:
Lovely desi dal, thick little, way it is supposed to be. Tomato chunks to give little tanginess. Bold use of flavours. A little rice and it is a happy meal for all.

➡️Aloo Jeera:
The classic dish of any Punjabi place. This place nailed it. Perfectly cooked Potatoes with basic turmeric, chilli powder, hing, Jeera and dhaniya on it.

➡️Roomali roti: Soft, buttery, fresh.

➡️Onion Paneer kulcha: Never had a kulcha so delicious like this. Perfect thickness, the right amount of stuffing. Beautiful flavours. Onion paneer mash was delicious.

➡️Chef suggested us to try his Dal Makhani.
Dal Makhani: Nice, creamy, rich, flavours spot on. We are glad that we went to his recommendation.

This place has surely gone by its name, Kake Da swaad. There is a lot more to try from the menu. If you looking for some delicious food with bold flavours. This is the place.

Highly recommended!