More Than Netflix, Hotstar Or Prime: Video Streaming Services To Subscribe To

What was the last time you switched channels on television? For us, it's kinda long back. Well, while we've not completely shunned our TV sets, we're increasingly consuming more and more content on multiple video streaming services. 

And now, thanks to the social distancing and isolation, we'll spend even more time on our couches in front of our laptop screens. While we all know about super-popular video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar (which are GREAT), we've rounded up a list of few other video streaming services which deserve your attention. 

Discovery Plus

Recently having entered the Indian market of video streaming – Discovery Plus – is a great option to subscribe to if you love documentaries, science and nature, adventure, wildlife and food. Expect classics like Man Vs Wild, NASA’s explained files, Project Runway, Gold Rush and a lot more. 

Plus, they’ve got an entire section for kids which includes informative and educative shows, fun learning videos etc. While you can watch a few shows and documentaries free of cost, you can always upgrade to the paid version where you can get access to premium shows without ads.

Subscription Price: INR 299 for a year (yup, super super affordable)

Languages: English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam 


This one’s purely for movie lovers. A Reliance Entertainment owned streaming service, BigFlix has 2000+ Bollywood and regional blockbusters. And of course, the classics. Claiming to be your ‘personal blockbuster theater’ – they’re loaded with multiple genres like action, romance, comedy and drama.

Subscription Price: INR 50 per month

Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali.


These guys add a new movie every single day, and at the same time take one away. At any given day there are 30 hand-picked films to watch and download. And these are not the mainstream movies which you find in other video streaming services. Expect cult classics, modern masterpieces from the greatest directors across the globe. And of course, they do include the great Indian classics as well including Bhumika, Amar Akbar Antony, Barsaat , Madhumati – to name a few. 

Subscription Price: INR 199 for 3 months

Languages: Many, TBH


Another paradise for Hollywood and Asian entertainment. Apart from Hollywood classics like the DC and Marvel blockbusters, they’ve got an array of HOOQ Originals which you can binge on. Apart from movies and TV shows they’ve also got 24/7 live TV channels mainly including sports, music, food and news channels. 

Subscription Price: INR 89 for 3 months

Languages: English, Thai, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia 


Calling all the Koreaboos out there. Now, if you’ve entered the rabbit hole of Korean drama, it’s kinda unlikely you’re coming out. So, here’s your dose of Korean dramas. Known popularly for Korean dramas they’ve got all your favourite shows in there including Decedents Of The Sun, Marriage Contract, The Heir and many many more. 

Apart from Korean dramas they’ve also got some of the best dramas from Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Middle East, Japan and yes from India as well.

Subscription Price: INR 99 per month

Languages: English, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin.


This one’s exclusively for our Bong friends out there. Loaded with over 500 Bengali movies and TV shows, Hoichoi is by far the best video streaming service for Bengali entertainment. And if you’re into Bengali music, they’ve got an entire collection for that too. Now, if you don’t understand Bengali yet wanna watch a few shows – they’ve got subtitles so don’t worry! 

Subscription Price: INR 499 for a year.

Language: Bengali

Apple TV

Now, this one's got some really good content. Watch the amazing Apple Originals every month like The Morning Show (love it), Dickinson, For All Mankind, Ghostwriter, Servant and many more. What we love about this video streaming is that they're bringing together some of the most creative minds inclduing Resse Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Momoa and many more. 

Sorry Andriod users, this one's only for Apple users

Subscription Price: INR 99 per month

Languages: English.