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Have Your Shopped From This One-Stop Waffle Shop?

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Waffle Mill

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What Makes It Awesome

I love waffles. I mean, nothing can beat that heart-warming piece of triangle loaded with chocolate sauce and other toppings. And not to mention the aroma. Yum, my mouth's already watering. Now, being a hard-core waffle lover, my heart literally skipped a beat when I stumbled upon Waffle Mills. It's an amazing online store which is also the first in India to be a packaged waffle brand. Wondering what that means? Well, these guys have turned our favourite dessert into a snack. Think waffle chips! Amazing, isn't it? This means you can get your hands on waffles whenever you want. That too right from home. 

These come in a number of flavours including peanut butter, dark chocolate, milk choco, sea salt and more. Apart from these light and crunchy chips you can also order in their Stroop waffle (aka a wafer cookie)!  

The starting price of the waffle chips is INR 480 (a pack of four).

What Could Be Better

Well, a few of the yummy products were out of stock. That was kinda a bummer!