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Doing Up Your House? Quirky Stuff You Can Find At Oshiwara Furniture Market

Nupur posted on 23 January

Our love for all things vintage led us to the Oshiwara furniture market and boy, did we spot some gems. Cheaper than Chor Bazaar {yes, it’s true}, this market sells furniture as old as 100 years in mint condition.


We’r big cabinet {closet} fans purely because of their versatility. You can use them as bookshelves {a blessing for people who hate getting their books dusty}, in the kitchen or as a mini cupboard/ bar.

Haggle Shaggle: Teak cabinets start at INR 10,000. Shops here will offer a 10 per cent discount.

Study Tables

What could be better than working on a vintage study table while sipping coffee {or beer – whatever floats your boat}? They’re charming and save space – a blessing for us space-deprived inhabitants of Mumbai.

Haggle-Shaggle: Pitched at INR 6,000, we got it for INR 4,500.

Book Shelves

This rad book-shelf was chilling by itself in a corner, unnoticed. A rotating shelf made out of teak, it makes for a great addition by a floor lamp. We’re already arranging the books in an ascending height order in our heads.

Haggle-Shaggle: Price quoted was INR 15,000; we got it down to INR 12,000.

Side Tables

Put your feet up on these cute little side tables. From classic plain teak tables to the ones with beautiful tiles on top, side tables have our vote as possibly one of the most versatile pieces of furniture.

Haggle-Shaggle: The smallest ones start at INR 1,500

Coat Hangers

Fancy a coat hanger that takes care of the creases in your life? We’re thinking of turning it into a fairy light tree instead ’cause we’re feeling creative. Kidding, we don’t own blazers.

Haggle Shaggle: Quoted at a price of INR 12,000, you can get it for INR 9,000.

Old Paintings

If you’re into obscure art collection, please add these really old paintings done by anonymous painters to your list. We found them to be unusually charming despite the slight layer of dust on them.

Haggle Shaggle: Quoted at a price of INR 1,200, you can get it for INR 900 – or less.

Gramophones and Phones

Go retro with a gramophone, or slyly slip in a old-style landline on a side table. We were boggled by the kind of stuff we found at this antique shop. We even spotted a basketball hoop lamp.

Haggle Shaggle: The gramophone was quoted at INR 1,300, and can be brought down to INR 1,000 if you’re a wizard at haggling.

Ceramic Tiles and Knobs

The minute we laid our eyes on these tiles we could only think of one thing – using them as coasters. Or even turning them into some art. There’s so much you can do with these tiny {and big} chunks of colourful ceramic. And those knobs – totally using them to decorate the cupboard we bought earlier.

Haggle Shaggle: One tile was pitched at INR 50; we bought 5 for INR 200. Knobs available at INR 30 each.


You can sell the furniture back to the dealers at 30-50 per cent resale value. Yes, they take it back even years later.

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