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Woofmark This: 7 Pet-Friendly Home Decor Ideas To Create A Purrrfect Space

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I'll start this article by saying that I have five pets at home. A dog, and 4 cats- and each have a unique way of destroying pretty decor things. The fairy lights in my room were always chewed off by the felines, and the new bedsheets and rugs were ripped apart in a rage by our dog, every time we spread one on our bed. And the post-destruction puppy face never helps either. So naturally, as a family, we had to figure out smarter ways to do up our space and make it pet-friendly while preserving its beauty. 

With a little help from the internet, we either bought pet-friendly home decor pieces or resorted to home decor ideas that our pets cannot mess around with, even if they wanted to. If you have pets and relate to my situation, read further and resort to these techniques before your pooch destroys another great piece of home decor today! 

P.S: Don't forget to read the bonus pro-tip in the end of this article! 

First Things First- Use ONLY Pet-Friendly Furnishings


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If you have cats (or dogs) at home, think carefully about the fabrics you choose to upholster and how likely they are to gather fur. Avoid fabrics that are a magnet for pet hair, such as velvet, silk or denim. Steer clear of any delicate bedsheets or cushion covers that could be damaged by your adorable little friend. Instead, opt for smooth tapestries that will withstand the test of those claws- like leathers, tight-knit cotton, microfiber, rayon, satin, and silk. 

Get synthetic furnishings from: Klotthe has a varied collection of polycotton bedsheets that you can add to your cart. Shop on LBB has quirky cushion cover options too, but make sure you select the fabrics we've mentioned here, and also the ones that do not have threadwork. 

Shell Out: INR 400 to INR 2,000

Replace Wooden Decor With Something Metallic


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Beware of any exposed wood in your house- whether it's the leg of your sofa set, dining set, or the wooden decor pieces like a planter, a keyholder, or even any showpiece. An excitable puppy may see it as their new favourite teething toy and cause havoc. Instead, opt for metallic decor pieces that will leave your would-be teether searching for another toy. 

Get metallic decor pieces from: We love these metallic windchimes from Forestkraft, and gorgeous metal planters and wall hangings from 1BHK Interiors. 

Shell Out: INR 750 to INR 2,000

Ditch Those Fancy Doormats For Rubber Ones


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Speaking with experience here. If you're a cat mommy, you have no choice but to place rubber doormats outside your washrooms or near your entrance. Cats tend to mark their areas on mats more than anything else, which also means that they will pee on your lovely doormats often. Now, would you want to waste your energy in washing the fancy doormats often or just replace them with the plain rubber doormats that are easily washable and water-resistant instead? 

Get rubber doormats from: Shop on LBB has a mix of fancy as well as minimal rubber doormats from SWHF. If you want super simple rubber mats, head to Amazon. IKEA has affordable quick-dry doormats too. 

Shell Out: INR 200 to INR 500 

Light Up Your Room, But With Caution

I love sleeping under fairy lights. But you don't always get to do what you love, especially with kittens running around the room post-midnight. Most of my fairy lights are chewed off by the felines, so I learned a new hack from a fellow pet parent. I now connect the lights to an extension cord and hang the cord above the door of my washroom. That way, all the fairy lights are stuck to my ceiling- a place where these silly creatures cannot easily reach. 

Get fairy lights from: Glimmer Lightings and Chronos Lights are my go-to brands for fairy lights. Get extension boards and cords from Amazon. 

Shell Out: INR 300 to INR 1,500 

The Grass Is Greener When Its Artificial


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If you have a balcony or a tiny garden area, it is wise to drape it with a stretch of artificial grass rather than growing the real ones. Hardy artificial grasses are a great way to incorporate greenery without worrying about your dog digging up all the mud, or staining it. And as a bonus, you’ll never spend another Saturday mowing the lawn. Also, try to keep your pets away from plants in general- not only because they might tend to destroy them (especially cats) but also because exposure to some plants might be dangerous for their health. You may, however, grow rose bushes or bamboo plants in your backyard. 

Get artificial grass from: IKEA for the win! But check out Welspun too. 

Shell Out: INR 3,000 onward (depends on the square meter you go for)

P.S: Check out some gorgeous planters on Shop on LBB

Match Your Drapes To Your Pet's Coat

Consider the colour of your pet’s fur when buying drapes. It's a nightmare to remove cat fur from them if they're of a different colour. When the fur camouflages with the colour of your drapes, the inevitable shedding becomes less obvious to your guests. Also, maintaining the drapes becomes easier. 

Get drapes from: Over A Pint Of Beer has some really quirky drapes, but make sure you choose a colour that matches your furry baby's coat too. For basic colours, opt for HOME, or ArtEastri 

Shell Out: INR 1,000 to INR 2,000

Your Showpieces & Books Need Protection Too


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I've had sleepless nights trying to save furniture and other home decor pieces from having a great fall, because of my cats. There's a different kind of thrill they receive in dropping showpieces from the shelves or side tables. Many cats will knock everything off of your carefully curated bookshelves too, tear the pages apart, and even pee on them. But luckily there are loads of tricks for dealing with this. Museum wax, silly putty, and even hot glue are all solutions that can stick your belongings in their place without causing damage to your decor. Or, you can just get a glass-front bookshelf or cabinet, that has closed doors, If you prefer a guaranteed safe space. 

Get glass-shelf cabinets from: The glass door display cabinets in IKEA come in metallic finish instead of wood, which makes them all pet-friendly! You can also check out Amazon, but make sure the material is scratch-resistant. 

Shell Out: INR 7,000 to INR 26,000. 


If there's another thing you must avoid, it is those boho dreamcatchers you've been wanting to buy. Or maybe, buy them at your own risk. Hanging and loose threads tend to trigger the pent-up energy in cats, so they might rip it apart. Also, try to make a separate space for your pet with its bed, toys, and food, so that they learn to identify their boundaries inside the house, and know what is off-limits.