We've Found It: This Is Our Favourite Spot In Town For Vegetarian Pizza

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The ever-so iconic Pizza By The Bay has been around for decades with possibly one of the best sea-views in the city but do they serve the best vegetarian pizzas here? We have the answer.

Pizza Is Bae

Our absolute favourite thing on the menu comes from the “over the edge” selection – thin-crust pizzas with toppings that go all the way {who are we to complain} giving us a light, not so greasy and definitely cheesy dream. The tangy paneer pizza goes a long way with our taste buds – paneer cubes spiced just about right – letting us appreciate the word ‘fusion’ to the T. Of course, with their all time favourite and classic pizza – Bombay Masala, though a tad too greasy but spiced so generously on the cheese topping reminds us why we love this pizzeria.

The veggie pizzas stand undefeated, coming in deep cheesy crusts, or deep dishes or even quarters of our choice of fillings from their tandoori paneer to countryside vegetarian. The soups and salads make for healthy and light starters, and the view of the Arabian Sea {if you sit outside} makes for a memorable Mumbai dining moment.

Sip On

The restaurant does serve alcohol and has an impressive wine list. But you can also go for the coolers to switch up the taste.

So, We're Saying...

Though they do delicious and as appetizing meat pizzas, we swear by the veggie delights at Pizza By The Bay. If we had to decode the hype of the landmark in SoBo, we’d say the hype is worth it – keeping the plant eaters happy and satisfied, though our pockets may bear the brunt of it. Italy may have invented the concept but we like to save our pizza craving trips for a stop by at Pizza by the Bay – with or without the bae.

Price: Tangy paneer {INR 930}, Bombay Masala {INR 630 upwards}