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Doggie's Day Out: You Can Hire A Personalized Canine Officer To Walk Your Pooch

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What Makes It Awesome

You love your doggo, we know you do and there's no denying that. But they usually do their business early in the morning and then once again in the evening. And sometimes it gets difficult to take your baby out for a walk due to hectic work schedules. Being pet parents ourselves, we're also constantly looking for alternatives to ease our pooch's life as well as our own. And since we've found the perfect solution, we'll obviously be happy to pass it on to you. PwrPup, a professional dog-walking service is credited to be trustworthy and here's why. 

Most of the dog-walkers in the city are usually your household help who can either be otherwise preoccupied or walking five different dogs together to save time. Super unprofessional, right? But at PwrPup, you can book your dog-walking slot and get your pooch a professional Canine Experience Officer who knows his/her job well and understands what it takes to give your dog a positive walking experience. They'll walk your dog in a calm environment, and not amidst heavy traffic which causes severe distress.

PwrPup only provides personalized one-on-one walks, unless you have more than one dog in your fam. They have a Daily PwrWalk plan where one of their local, trained and trustworthy Canine Experience Officers will walk your dog on a daily basis, i.e, from Monday to Saturday, for 30 to 60 minutes. From INR 3,900 onward, and for the exceptionally professional care that they offer, we think it's very worth it (your doggo will woof it too) There's another Single PwrWalk plan for times when you urgently need a dog-walker because you know you'll have to take a break from walking your dog due to work. That plan's for INR 190 and you've got to book it seven days in advance. 

The best part is that this company has a 'no-poop-left-behind' policy, which means that the walker will always ensure that your dog's poop is picked up and disposed of responsibly. Oh, and they also clean-brush your baby so that's a plus. Their website is super easy to navigate and you can either fill up a query form or call them up directly in case you'd want to know more. So give your doggo the best experience while they're out and about. 


PwrPup is also in the process of developing an app that will not only allow you to book walks on the go, but will also feature real time GPS tracking and record when and where your dog is pooping or peeing.