These Pet Brands Offer Holistic, Natural & Lifestyle Alternatives For Your Pets

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Working in the animal welfare space and being a dog mom to a pack of nine dogs, I come across a lot of animals with recurring health issues that do not get resolved even after years of treatment and medication. As a result, I turned to exploring a more holistic and natural way of life for these pets, right from remedies for health issues, diet and treats to wellness products and training for pets. I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement ever since. These brands are home grown businesses with a heart whose main focus is improving the quality of life of our pets through chemical free, sustainable and holistic alternatives to commercial brands. Most importantly, they’ve been born out of a love for the animals, most, inspired by an adopted pet who changed their life.  All the businesses listed here also give back regularly to the animal welfare cause, an added perk to their products.

Back In The Day

'Less Chemicals. More Wellness,' is their motto and they truly live up to it. Made from completely plant based products that are sourced from local farmers, Back In The Day (BITD) is your one-stop-shop for skin care products for your pets. Their founder is a dog mom to a pack of seven dogs that inspired her to start this journey. Their Scooby Dub Dub is a magic powder that has helped resolve so many stubborn skin issues and get rid of dreaded tick infestations without worrying about toxic/allergic reactions to harmful chemicals for pets across the country. Quicky Clean, another of their products, is by far the easiest way to bathe your dog, whether it’s for a spa session or a quick rub down on the go. They’ve also released a new line of soaps and herbs, expanding their repertoire into supplementation as well. A must have for all pet parents.

Price: INR 250 - INR 850

Canine Craving

Canine Craving

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This brand bridged a much needed gap in the pet food and treats market. Canine Craving (CC) began their journey which was inspired by their adopted dog who had a host of health issues and just wasn’t responding to prescription food brands. They provide fresh and dehydrated treats, diet plans created for your dogs' needs by a certified canine nutritionist, fresh food delivered at your doorstep for those who cannot provide a balanced diet at home for their pets. Their food is prepared chemical and preservative free in an FSSAI certified kitchen and once your dog tastes their treats, there’s no going back to the commercial brands. Another must have in your arsenal as a pet parent. 

Price: INR 199 - INR 999

Homeo Care Online

Alternative forms of medicine have always been a topic of debate. While the efficacy of homeopathy gets questioned a lot, this small business run by a mother-daughter duo prove otherwise with the results they get. Many cases where allopathy has not worked, Homeo Care’s recommendations have saved animals lives and cured illnesses/infections that haven’t responded to the more mainstream treatments. Homeopathy services can be used individually or in conjunction with allopathic medications and diets to get the best results.

Price: INR 1,000 - INR 2,000

Georgina's Kitchen

One of Bangalore’s leading experts on canine nutrition, Georgina’s Kitchen paved the way for raising awareness and educating people on the importance of feeding your pet a balanced, fresh cooked diet. This is another brand that was inspired by the founders' dog who suffers from epilepsy and in her efforts to provide him with the best quality of life, Georgina’s Kitchen was born. Her area of expertise lies in creating perfectly balanced diet charts using perfect meat to vegetables ratio along with natural sources of supplementation for pets with health issues. Her fresh cooked prescription diets have helped many dogs with liver, kidney and heart disease, giving them a chance at recovery and a good healthy life. This brands aim is to help dogs thrive and not just survive. 

Price: INR 350 upwards

Fetch Canine Training Academy

It’s a little known fact that sometimes health issues with dogs can stem from behaviour problems. A lot of times, unnecessary medications and treatments are prescribed for dogs who are showing health issues where the root cause lies in behaviour problems. Not a lot of people are aware that anxious behaviours, fussiness with food, compulsive itching and biting to name a few are sometimes not rooted in medical conditions but in behaviour problems. Fetch Canine Training is the only training academy that has the expertise to identify these issues and provide a well rounded and wholesome solution where the dogs' lifestyle is given priority over teaching them party tricks. Their Hydrotherapy program has helped a lot of dogs with joint and muscle issues avoid invasive surgery, not to mention the countless charity cases they take in Pro Bono.

Price: INR 12,000 upwards per month depending on the training program.

Green Tactics Bio Enzyme


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Most of our regular floor cleaners, dish washing liquids, laundry detergents, etc are chemical based which have led to an increased number of pets reacting to the chemicals over long time usage of these products. Green Tactics started out as a bio enzyme based solution for the founders who’s adopted dogs were experiencing a lot of skin issues due to this. As they spoke to more pet parents, they realised that this was a problem for countless dogs and so this small business based in Ahmedabad was born. Green Tactics products cover a range from floor cleaners, laundry liquids, dish washing liquids to body sprays for dogs that are completely natural, chemical free and gentle on the skin for our pooches. If you are looking to make the change to a sustainable and safe environment at home not just for the pets but for ourselves too, Green Tactics is the way to go!

Price: INR 250 - INR 850


These services are generally pan-India whereas a few based regionally.

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