Meal With A View: Been To This Gorgeous Sea-Side Cafe In Bandra Yet?

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What Makes It Awesome

A café near Bandra Fort allows you the best seat in the house- right by the sea. And here's why you should be bookmarking this. 

Café Sea Side has been around for years, and you may remember it from the family visits to Bandra Fort. It’s still around, and for those who haven’t been, have a beautiful, uncurtained view of the sea through their window. On their menu, they have a bunch of Chinese dishes, and at certain times they have chaat like pani puri, and some delish pav bhaji. Most people go their for just a sandwich and the view of the water.

The ambiance may not be aesthetically pleasing, like the other cafes in the vicinity, but we love it for the sea breeze, and the gorgeous sea view. The service is quick and the staff is friendly too. So take your group of friends, or even better, take your BAE for a low-key sea-side date at Cafe Sea Side soon! 


Pizzas are cheaper here, and quite tasty too. You may want to order some!