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    Juicy & You Know It: Fit-Nuts, There’s A Delicious New Juice Flavour You Gotta Try

    Shruti posted on 03 August


    Want to keep up with your diet wagon but have missed the trail lately? We got our hands on this new Jamun  + Pomegranate variant from Second Nature, known for their cold extracted fruit & veggie juices, that has got us really excited.

    Take A Sip

    Kickstart your mornings with a dose of healthy or take it as an energy booster in the evening, either way, you're in for a treat. The flavours are rich and linger much after you’ve had the first sip (leaving you wanting more).

    We love how striking the colours are, which, in all honesty, is what caught our attention, apart from the taste. 

    Freakin’ Fresh

    We’ve heard really good things about their nutritional content. With pulp churned out of fresh fruits and vegetables procured directly from the farms, Second Nature ensures we keep up with our fitness goals. This fruity goodness is perfect to regularise digestion (because no preservatives), manage sugar levels (and no added sugars), boost immunity and replenish those necessary vitamins. This one is a handy aid for all, including the gluten-free and vegan peeps.

    #LBBTip: We say, get creative with the ways to have this juice flavour. Blend it with your favourite alcoholic mixes for a cocktail mashup or get some icy popsicles with them.

    Alternatively, you can also check out their range of lactose-free milks!

    So, We’re Saying…

    Just shake it and sip it. Pair it right with a bowl of healthy greens or some shredded chicken and couscous salad for a brighter and wholesome snack to satiate those absolutely guiltless hunger cravings.

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