Learn To Kick Some Ass At These Self-Defense Classes In Mumbai

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Self-defense in today's day and age is necessary to feel secure, and we understand that. We've taken a look at some great institutes that help you fight for yourself and fight hard! Check out these popular self-defense classes that you can sign up for in the city. 

Xtreme Fight Federation

Muay Thai, kickboxing, wrestling or even boxing, they’ve got classes for every kind of self-defense! They’re a hit with the beginners because they don’t take too many sing ups together, this improving their personalised service to every student.  

#LBBTip- they have centres around the city. You can always sign up for a trail and check it out for yourself.

Fight Elite, MMA

Sign up to learn a combat sport and get fit while you’re learning to kick ass! We’re huge fans of their women-only classes, and highly recommend signing up for a beginners batch if self defence and fitness is on your mind. 

Tribal Combat

If you’re looking to get fit while learning self defense, check out Tribal Combat that offers you classes for boxing, kickboxing, stage combat, street combat and MMA fighting.

Fighting Fit

This is a martial arts and combat games preparation foundation that has slowly gained popularity since when it started back in 1997. Not only do they help train in self-defense, but also teach you some hand-to-hand combat techniques, help improve sports performance and even help you train for muscle stability and growth.  

Total Combat Fitness

Super affordable and super effective, this fitness academy is all about kickboxing, MMA, combat games, Muay Thai, functional training and a lot more. We hear some Bollywood biggies swear by these classes too! 

Academy of Combat Fitness

They provide personalised one-on-one training, and have over 60 different types of training to choose from! If you’re serious about being the next badass on the block, you absolutely need to sign up for these classes.

St. Joseph Convent High School

Wish to learn an Israeli self-combat technique? Sign up already! Krav Maga IKMF – India is the only authentic source of krav maga training in India recognised by the International Krav Maga Federation, Israel, and the classes are held here at St. Joseph Convent High School.