A Dummy's Guide To Buying A Sofa Across Budgets

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Buying a sofa is a big commitment! After all, they're a big piece of furniture and a big investment too. Think of the sofa set as the hero of your living room, it can make or break the look and set the tone for the other furniture that'll come around it. With many options available lately, it can be confusing to navigate around the sofa world!

We've done all the research for you. Read away! 

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Sofa Set

Make sure to keep these pointers in mind while checking out a sofa set online or offline. 

Size: Measure your space! Select the length, width and height of the sofa as per the size of your living room. Your sofa should not look too bulky or too small in the space, it needs to be proportionate. Ensure you have enough negative space so that it doesn’t look clustered. 

Frame: Avoid materials like softwood or particleboard for the frame. The sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture and you need a frame that's built with sturdy and durable materials for it to survive long. 

Style: A standard sofa, sectional, recliner, English rolled arm, chaise lounge, tuxedo - there are many styles of sofa out there! But which one works best for your living room? Take into account the other furniture and the overall style of your living room before investing in one. 

Upholstery: Make sure you pick the correct upholstery! The varieties of fabric upholstery available are several, and synthetic fabrics are resistant to stains too. Tightly woven fabrics also have a higher thread count and that's why they last longer. Leather upholstery, on the other hand, gives a modern era look and is easy to clean but expensive. However, if you have pets at home, it's ideal as it does not attract dust mites or pet dander.

L-Shape Sofa

Sheesham Wood L Shape Modern Sofa Set Design

Sheesham Wood L Shape Modern Sofa Set Design


Casa Furnishing's L-Shape Modern Sofa is made with Sheesham wood and is ideal for a spacious living room. The sofa is a four-seater with a corner extension, perfect to laze around on a Sunday. You can customise the set as per your needs and get the L-Shape Sofa along with a single-seater, a coffee table or both. The arm of the sofa has nooks at the bottom, so you can store a magazine or two or other knick-knacks as well. You can choose the fabric colour from blue, beige, off-white, grey, and brown; and also pick the polish of your choice from natural, honey stain, mahogany stain, walnut finish, or pinewood, among others.

Customer reviews for the product claim that the sofa has a strong build, plywood is used under the cushioning but the Sheesham wood built gives it strong support. 

The set comes with a 6 month warranty too. 

Price: INR 47,300 for the four-seater with a corner extension; the 1 seater and coffee table come at an additional charge.

Niki 3 Seater Sofa

Niki 3 Seater Sofa In Yellow Colour

Niki 3 Seater Sofa In Yellow Colour


This 3-seater set by Febonic on Pepperfry is worth checking out. It comes in a variety of colours: yellow, blue, grey, green, red, and brown. For an additional price, you can add a 2-seater or a 1-seater and make it a complete set for your living room. The Niki 3 Seater Sofa is a bucket-style soda, which means it comes with a rounded or contoured back, and has high sides making it an apt choice as comfortable living room furniture. 

The frame of this sofa is made with neem wood and the fabric used is polycotton, making it a sturdy build that's comfortable to sit on.

This Niki 3 Seater Sofa comes with a 12-month warranty; and customer ratings on the site have given it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Price: INR 18,239 for the 3-seater; you can make a set with additional furniture for an additional price.

Caesar Sofa

Caesar Sofa

Caesar Sofa


Lakkadhaara's Caesar Sofa is a contemporary piece that offers a timeless button and stud style, which are traditional Chesterfield but has a modern edge to them. It comes in a royal emerald colour and is made with solid wood, so it's quite a sturdy piece. And, the fabric used is velvet, which makes the piece look more regal.

The comfy cushions, stylish wooden legs and a sleek silhouette make it an ideal piece of furniture for a contemporary home. The low back allows the double-sided button-and-stud cushions to peek out, making this a good-looking sofa from the back and front. 

You can choose between a 1-seater, 2-seater, or 3-seater, and also opt for a matching footstool at an additional price. While there are no customer ratings or reviews available on this website, Lakkadhaara is known to offer quality furniture and is on time with their deliveries too. Each piece is made to order, so you will get what you need with quality materials. 

Price: INR 62,000 for a 2-seater; the pricing for 1 or 3-seaters varies.

Orting Solid Wood 2 Seater Sofa In Rustic Teak Finish

Orting Solid Wood 2 Seater Sofa In Rustic Teak Finish

Orting Solid Wood 2 Seater Sofa In Rustic Teak Finish


Woodsworth's Orting Solid Woof Sofa is available on Pepperfry. While this piece is in a Rustic Teak Finish, you have two other options to choose from in terms of colour. The sofa's frame is made with Sheesham wood, and the cushion fabric is cotton matty, making this a sturdy and comfortable piece. While this is a 2-seater sofa, you can add a 1-seater to it and turn it into a set, at an additional price. 

The piece comes with 36 months warranty and has a 4-star rating out of 5. 

Price: INR 28,499 for the 2-seater sofa in a Rustic Teak Finish

Angelica Divan with Mattress

Angelica Divan With Mattress

Angelica Divan With Mattress


Wood Street is a trusted brand for wooden furniture, and their Angelica Divan with Mattress is a traditional-looking sofa that'll fit into any home with an Indian aesthetic. Made with Sheesham wood, this divan-like sofa has three panels which are carved, giving it a very Maratha-architectural look. You can also opt for the 'with storage' option, wherein you get two drawers at the bottom. 

The Angelica Divan comes with a walnut finish and you have the choice of a honey finish as well. The 15-inch mattress is also comfortable to sit on and ideal to lounge on in the afternoons. 

Customer ratings on the website give this a 5 out of 5, and reviews indicate that this piece is built sturdy, and came on time too. 

Price: INR 29,949 for a 3-seater without storage.

FRIHETEN - Three-Seat Sofa-Bed

Three Seat Sofa Bed Bomstad Black

Three Seat Sofa Bed Bomstad Black


Ideal for the guest room or living room, IKEA's FRIHETEN is a three-seater that readily converts into a sofa bed. It's big on storage and has a fixed durable coated cover that looks and feels like leather. Made with plywood and paint, this sofa cum bed comes with 3 back cushions and ample storage space under the seat for extra cushions, throws and even a spare pair of PJs. 

The legs and parts of the frame are built with solid wood, while the fabric and foam cushions use 70% polyurethane foam and 30% polyester fibres, giving you a sturdy build and comfort altogether. 

This product has a 4.5 out of 5 customer rating on IKEA's website and also has other fabric variants if you'd rather explore those. 

Price: INR 59,990

Wakefit Napper L Shape Sofa Set

Napper L Shape Sofa Set

Napper L Shape Sofa Set


Wakefit's L Shape Sofa is apt for an afternoon siesta, movie night or even simply to laze around and read on. The 3-seater extends into a 4th seat which is a chaise and can be customised to be right or left aligned, as per your need. For an additional price, you can also get an ottoman.

The sofa is built with need wood, so it has a strong build that's also durable; and the cushioning is made up of foam filling and 100% polyester fabric, making it easy to maintain. You have an array of fabrics to choose from Omega fabrics with 5 colour options, Linen Charm, Malphino Fabrics with 4 colour options, and even 2 Leatherette options.

The sofa set has a 5-star rating out of 5. 

Price: INR 36,060 for the L-Shape sofa; you can get the ottoman along at an additional price.

Darwin Fabric Sofa

Darwin Fabric Sofa

Darwin Fabric Sofa


Febonic's Darwin Fabric Sofa on Urban Ladder is a good choice if you're looking for a standard couch to add to your living room. The frame of the couch is made up of solid wood, whereas the cushioning uses regular foam, and the cover is all fabric. This 3-seater is a standard sofa, with a basic design that can be ideal for any kind of living room. It's available in a light grey and a beige colour too. 

Customer reviews on the website indicate that the fabric is of good quality and the sofa is a sturdy build that's comfortable to sit on. 

Price: INR 18,321

Swindon Tufted Back Fabric Sofa

Swindon Tufted Back Fabric Sofa - Green

Swindon Tufted Back Fabric Sofa - Green


Arra's Swindon Tufted Back Fabric Sofa is available on Urban Ladder and it's a standard 3-seater sofa, but you can get a 2-seater and a single-seater at an additional price to go with it. This contemporary style sofa will fit into any modern living room, and it's available in blue and green. The frame is built entirely of teak wood, ensuring that the sofa is a sturdy one with fabric upholstery that's comfortable to sit on. 

Customer reviews on the website indicate the sofa is comfortable to sit on, comes with quality fabric, and is delivered on time. 

Price: INR 12,905 for the 2-seater sofa, you can get a 3-seater and single-seater for a complete set at an additional price.

Westbrook Rust Sofa

Westbrook Three Seater Rust Sofa

Westbrook Three Seater Rust Sofa

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This one's the pick to add a pop of colour to your living room. It's a three-seater sofa from Claymint. The sofa features deep seats giving you enough space to sit comfortably. From the looks of it, it seems spacious but still clean and compact. The cushions are made from Springwel Turbo PU with Linen and cotton cover, so they have a good bounce and feel extra comfy. It has a pretty solid build made of Iron, and powder coated frame keeps it rust and corrosion free. 

Price: INR 34,999 on discount

French Rattan Loveseat

French Rattan Loveseat - 2 Seater Spring Bloom

French Rattan Loveseat - 2 Seater Spring Bloom

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This accent chair type of sofa from Chumbak is very cottage core. It's made from Sheesham wood, which means it'll last you a long time. The cane weaving is done by hand, and the upholstery is done with twill cotton. It's an excellent addition to your living room or even balcony, perfect to pair with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Price: INR 36,795 on discount


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