Traveller's Bug: Here's A List Of The Best Things To Do When In Bhopal


Owing to the number of manmade and natural lakes in and around the city, Bhopal, the capital city of the central state of Madhya Pradesh is known as the City of Lakes. However, people seldom see the other side of the Bhopal; the city of contrasts. While on one side exists the Muslim-dominated Old City, home to magnificent mosques and lit markets, the other side is the more modernized dimension of the city- wide roads, shopping malls, multiplexes and upmarket restaurants and hotels. There's much more than just lakes and we're taking you on a trip through what to see and what to do in this multi-faceted city. Let's go?

Sanchi Stupa

An unforgettable part of our history textbooks through school, the Sanchi Stupa is one of the most noteworthy pieces of history that is well preserved to date. Stupas are large hemispherical domes that house a central chamber containing the relics of Buddha. The Sanchi Stupa has also been recognized by the UNESCO as an important World Heritage Site. Relive your history classes all over again during your visit to this architectural beauty.

Bhopal Ropeway

Add a little hint of faith during your trip to Bhopal. Visit Manua Bhan Ki Tekri, a very famous Jain temple in the city. The temple is located at a very secluded and sacred site, and to get here you must use a special ropeway that gives you access to some really beautiful sights of the city. While the ropeway offers these beautiful sights to get lost in, the temple is no less. Get ready to experience Jain architecture and serenity at this site. And hey, don't forget to post your ropeway videos on social media!


Built by Bhopal's third female ruler Shah Jahan Begum, Taj-ul-Masjid is known as the 'Crown of Mosques'. Legend has it that she wanted to create the largest mosque in the world. With an interior area of about 430,000 square feet, the mosque has a capacity of 175,000 people. Not only is the mosque the largest in the country, but it also happens to be the second largest mosque in Asia. A visit to this wonder is a must, you will experience absolute calmness around the mosque.

Van Vihar National Park

Van Vihar National Park stretches across 445 hectares of land and is situated in the centre of the city (much like Mumbai's Sanjay Gandhi National Park). This wide expanse of green is home to a variety of wildlife that has been brought from other parts of the state. It is a very unique national park where the herbivore animals roam around freely while the carnivores are enclosed in places that are separated by trenches and walls only to keep poachers at bay. You will also chance upon many endangered species that are taken care of very well at Van Vihar National Park, If you're a wildlife enthusiast or love nature, this park is a must-visit during your trip to Bhopal.

Sair Sapata

A tourism and entertainment complex that was developed by the Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation to encourage more visitors to this beautiful city, Sair Sapata is located on the banks of the Upper Lake in Bhopal and spreads over almost 25 acres of land. There are a bunch of attractions at Sair Sapata; a toy train, a musical fountain, and a suspension bridge too! Sair Sapata also boasts of an amusement park which has a lot of rides, and a variety of food stops to choose from. Spend an evening at Sair Sapata with your family and friends and be sure to have lots of fun while you're there!

Upper Lake

Upper Lake also known as Bhojtal is the oldest manmade lake in India. Legend has it that it was built by the King Of Malwa, Parmara Raja Bhoj to cure the disease that the king suffered from. Cut to today, when this lake is the chief source of potable water for the residents of Bhopal. Indulge in some fun water sports or paddle-boating and don't forget to wade your hands through the water- you're going to be hit by nostalgia (for sure)!

Tourist Attractions

Upper Lake


Upper Lake, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh