How 12 Hours In Daman Can Give You That Perfect Break If You Only Have A Day To Spare

    On the southern tip of Gujarat, a few kilometres away from Vapi with a lovely view of the Arabian Sea, is the union territory of Daman. Enthusiast travelers visit Daman for its forts, natural beauty and abundance of cheap alcohol.

    But if you’re not going there for a booze-fuelled weekend, you may want to explore the churches, lakes and forts. Of course, with the sea by your side, it’s the perfect spot to unwind. The best part, it’s pretty close to Mumbai, so you can travel easily, and there are a number of budget hotels for you to explore.

    All you need for your one-day adventure is your unending thirst to go beyond your normal.

    How To Reach Daman From Mumbai: Daman is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses. If you’re planning to take the flight, the nearest airport is Surat. You need to take a bus from Mumbai to Vapi that starts at approximately INR 1,000 one way i.e. INR 2,000 for a round trip. From Vapi, there are bus and taxi services available from Vapi to Daman. 

    Morning Itinerary

    Stop 1: Daman Fort (7 AM to 9 AM)

    You’re probably wondering why we suggest visiting a fort so early in the morning? Reason’s simple: Forts are open spaces, which means the later you go, the greater the chance of the sun blazing on your head, possibly canceling the idea of even sipping (forget chugging on a cold beer) later in the day. If you’re hungry, carry some snacks with you.

    What’s Special: One can expect to delight in mesmerizing and breathtaking views across the river to Nani Daman from the bulwarks near the lighthouse.

    LBB Tip: Visit the lighthouse first to get a glimpse of how you can spot ships at a distance away

    Stop 2: Breakfast (9.15 AM to 10.15 AM)

    You can get a good Lebanese breakfast at Kathi junction that raves about its shawarma rolls. Also friendly for the vegetarian and vegan palette, Kathi junction is recommended in the Daman tour guide as one of the best places to grab a good breakfast before heading out.

    If you’re not in a mood to have food on the go and prefer sitting, given that you’ve been exploring all morning, check O’Coqueiro Restaurant that has some lovely seafood varieties, but also offers a good option to vegetarian tourists.

    Stop 3: Garden Hopping (10.30 AM to 1.30 PM)

    Once you’re done with breakfast, take a rickshaw to the gardens of the town. Daman has a variety of gardens to check out such as the Jetty Garden and the Kadaiya Lake Garden. The Daman Kadaiya Lake Garden also known as Mirasol Lake Garden is located near Kadaiya village in Nani Daman. Near this garden is a picturesque lake that allows boating.

    However, the Jetty Garden is more of a garden in the truer sense with well-done lawns and playing space for children.

    Afternoon Itinerary

    Stop 4:Lunch (1.45 PM to 2.45 PM)

    According to the locals, Daman Delite is one restaurant that you should not miss out on. Located inside Hotel Gurukripa, the restaurant also gives you a direct view of the sea.

    Stop 5: Church Hopping (3.00 PM to 5 PM)

    The Daman Church of Our Lady of the Sea is an imposing principal building in the fort area that is extended over 12,250 sq. m. Along with relishing the excellent architectural pattern of the church you can also run your eyes through the unsurpassable beauty of the large statue of St. Jerome and two giant human figures. And if you don’t tread the religious path, check the place out just for the sheer architectural marvel that it is.

    You can also check Se Cathedral, which is also celebrated for its altar which is adorned magnificently and catches the attention of even the listless tourist. Apart from the regular tourists, a lot of local people also come to this cathedral to hear the sermons and offer their prayers.

    Evening Itinerary

    Stop 6: Beach Time (5.15 PM to 7.PM)

    You can visit one of the many beaches in Daman, but visit Jampore beach for adventure sports. If you’re interested, you can begin with enjoying some of the adventure sports such as parasailing. But once after you’ve relaxed, sit and absorb all that you’ve done for the past 12 hours because it’s quite the adventure you’ve had.