Bibliophiles, This Khar Bookstore Is Loaded With Some Pretty Interesting Titles

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What Makes It Awesome

Cosily nestled halfway between a juice shop and a hardware store stands Ensign Book Stores, a tricky one to spot unless you're actually on a mission to find it. They have a wide variety of genres to pick from of new as well as renowned authors. If you're in luck, you will also find books of genres that you possibly couldn't ave imagined of finding in the city, ones that are beyond your commonly found genres such as fiction, mystery and love.
One visit to this bookstore and a few titles I picked up from there are already on ,y 'favourite reads' list that I happily recommend to whoever wants to visit the bookstore.


As soon as you find the shop {you've got to find it first, yes}, look out for the section on the right. It is loaded with some of the rarest reads. It also has books by new and spunky authors. If you cannot find what you're looking for, feel free to ask the staff there who are very helpful and will suggest and recommend books to you too.